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"What can I say except wow! This was not just a training seminar; this was a life-transforming experience. I started feeding on your training products back in February and in March, I enrolled 107 customers from leads which tripled my income from the month before."
~ Bebbie Tennyson


"I keep listening to the training C.D.’s and feeling like "I can do that too!"
~ Roberta Sala


“This is the catalyst I’ve been looking for since starting in Network Marketing almost 9 months ago.”
~ Norma Richardson


"I followed Dani Johnson’s Home Presentation CD, and had a home presentation.  Seven people showed up and we closed four of them!"
~ Coral Aubert


"Just in the past 45 days my residual has quadrupled with the 3-meeting-plan…"
~ Sandi Krakowski


"Prior to going to First Steps to Success seminar I was doing well at enrolling customers but having a hard time enrolling business builders. After going to the seminar the very next 5 people I enrolled were interested in the business. I was so excited! By applying Dani’s training principles, I learned how to ‘Build a Fire’. I returned home and called all of my business builders and before the day was out I had 7 appointments booked…"
~ Gail Priest


"Since going to 1st steps in Virginia beach I have sold my BMW 740il(3rd car). I am forming almost everyone I have a conversation with and have increased my sales volume $15,000.00 in 2 weeks."
~ Brian Nagle


"I have been listening to Dani’s CD’s religiously for about a month. I went from $100 per month to $800 last month. "
~ Debra Kaminski


“I bought Dani’s CD’s and listened to them over and over again. Dani keeps me motivated and focused. She gave me exactly what I was in need of and now I’m sharing her with everyone on my Team! Thank you”
~ Sandy Stewart


"Dani has given me so many ideas and has allowed me to get rid of many fears holding me from succeeding in my business."
~ Deb Hojnacki


"I’ve been to a lot of seminars – This one was by far the best & most productive and life changing…"
~ Ren Chezik


"My first business, I made $11 my first month 1 and a half years later, I plugged into Dani and made $4,000 my 1st month…"
~ Susan Arriens


"I have never experienced any triumph in Network Marketing like this, I have absolute certainty that our businesses will explode as a result."
~ Jo Wilson


~ Ray Marker


"This was an absolute life and business changing event! I will go and apply what I’ve learned and achieve greatness by the service to many."
~ Tommi Simcox


"I love the way you have opened my eyes to the reality of the world around me!"
~ Kory Taylor

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How To Conduct Presentations, Close And Start New Reps For Explosive Growth


"It worked, I was able to turn 1 representative into 8 within 12 hours using your ‘Building A Fire’ technique."
~ Kassandra Bragg


They Say It Takes Just One
"Million Dollar" Presentation To Achieve Massive Success!


To All MLM’ers, Network Marketers and Home Business Entrepreneurs:

Do You Know…

  • How to design, conduct and duplicate a Million Dollar Presentation?
  • How to ensure the success of your presentation by 90% before it even starts?
  • How to get the RESULTS you want from your presentations?
  • What the most important areas of your presentation are?
  • How to run your presentation properly?



HINT… If you don’t, you’re losing money!… and it has nothing to do with your product!

If you’re anything like the majority of the home based business entrepreneurs, you’ve worked your business for some time and you’re probably not experiencing the results or the income you’ve wanted. I bet that some or all of these questions will sound a little too familiar…

  • How do I get my people to duplicate my efforts with the results I WANT TO SEE?
  • How do I train my brand new recruits so that I can focus on what really makes my business produce the results I am looking for?
  • How can I get my people making money within 48hrs of signing up so that I am not wasting my time?
  • How do I start any new recruit off right and get them to go to work immediately?
  • How do I get my people easily duplicating my efforts on their own without my personal involvement?
  • How can I BRIDGE THE GAPS in my presentation?
  • How do I get people to show up to my presentation especially when I don’t know anyone?
  • How can I build momentum and keep it going so that my sales force and I stay motivated?
  • How do I deal with any objection and get past it smoothly without ruining my presentation?
  • How can I make more money and work less hours?
  • Why don’t I get the results I want from my presentations?



If you had the answer to just ONE of these common questions, it would dramatically change your business, your income, and dare I say your LIFE! Presents…
Presentation Success System
Audio Training Program!

product pss Presentation Success System


Listen to a Sample Audio Clip

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Presentation Success System Will Show You:

  • The raw truth about rejection, and how to overcome it
  • Dani Johnson’s proven 9 step formula to a successful presentation, and why these steps work so well
  • How to get paid daily for your work and watch your bank account grow
  • The most common mistakes you are most likely making in your presentations right now and how to correct them before your next presentation so you stop leaving thousands of dollars on the table
  • How to connect with people on a whole new level just by being yourself
  • How to create an excitement level that people can’t resist
  • How to maximize your time and duplicate your efforts by mastering OJT (on the job training)
  • How to make your new recruits a paycheck their very first week so that they become more motivated and work even harder
  • How to identify with your prospect’s needs, strengths and goals right away so that you can speak to them right where they are
  • How to create momentum in your life and your business
  • How to get your prospects to close themselves right into your company
  • How to turn disaster meetings & presentations into loads of sales volume and profits (listen to how Dani turned a disaster presentation into over $200,000 dollars worth of sales volume in one night!
  • How to use testimonials to capture the prospects attention and get them to sign up right away
  • How to get your prospects to participate, raise their hand and interact comfortably without a lot of effort on your part
  • What cross exposure is and how it will create incredible success for you and your company
  • Learn exact ways to bridge your presentation into the next step and close your way into success
  • Learn the phrases that you must not say (there is one specific phrase that could be the deciding factor of your prospect signing up or not)
  • How to ask powerful questions and get your people saying yes!
  • How to evaluate the room before you even start your presentation and ensure a 90% success rate
  • Learn what to say and how to say it so you can motivate the room and keep the momentum going
  • How to motivate a non-committed prospect into being committed (some of these prospects could be your best recruit!)
  • Accelerate your sales volume faster than you ever thought possible
  • Secrets to decreasing the amount of time you work by increasing the amount of business presentations in your organization by 2, 5, and even 10 times
  • How to increase your closing ratios like never before
  • How to become a confident and a fearless prospector
  • Secrets to becoming a top recruiter in your company
  • How to become a leader that others WANT to follow
  • How to earn 6 or 7 figures from home, start living out your dreams, and learn the true principles of creating lasting wealth



A Formula for Perfection No Matter What Your Opportunity Is!

Dani Johnson has spent tens of thousands of dollars in her personal education and years of time developing and refining her proven training system. She personally went from homeless with $2.03 to her name, with a $35,000 debt living out of the back of her car, to millions in just two years using the very same techniques that she now teaches you in this audio training program. Everything that Dani teaches she applies… you won’t find any fluff or puff heory from Dani. She gives you the nuts and bolts training you’ve been searching for packed with straight to the gut, no excuses motivation to get out there and apply it! This Training is INTENSE and absolutely NOTHING is held back!


If you listen and apply the skills and techniques taught by Dani Johnson you WILL take your business presentations to the next level, the professional level. Are you ready to experience the income of your dreams TODAY?

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Warning! If you’re not deadly serious about getting DRAMATIC RESULTS in your business right away…please do not order this product!

This product contains serious life altering results! If you want to see your business, your team, and your personal life grow in success beyond what most people can even imagine, then you’re ready to order this product. If you buy this product, listen to it and apply the principles and techniques taught on it, but don’t see dramatic results in your life or your business then we insist that you send it back and get a FULL REFUND. These tools have been created to see you succeed. We are not worried about "making a buck" off of you, that’s why we offer you this 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you feel that this product does not meet or exceed your expectations then we insist that you call our customer service center, mail back the training series and get a 100% refund.


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