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How Can Dani Johnson’s Prospecting and Closing Script Book Help You Build a Top-Earning Home Business?

  1. Easy-to-follow Scripts – Dani’s scripts are easy to learn and sound totally natural, whether you’re dealing with warm or cold markets.
  2. Audio Walkthrough – Crack the mystery of the 90/10 when you hear Dani reveal the biggest thing you’re NOT doing and why it’s turning prospects OFF
  3. Cold-Caller Survival Skills – 3 must-have tools that will keep your skills sharp and your closing ratios up!

Now Available in Spanish!


Dani Johnson’s
Script Book


“I have been a teacher, in the ministry, and most recently an attorney for 12 years – you would think that I would have had no problem talking to people about my new business. You would have been wrong! It took listening to Dani’s CD’s and working with her scripts to help me realize that all I need to do is talk and let “me” come through, no fear, no rejection, no wasted time. Since then, I have retired from the full-time practice of law and enrolled two attorneys and now have appointments to follow-up with two judges, some court reporters and clerks and a court bailiff! Oh, and the attorneys are now starting to ask me about this change in my attitude. I give credit for the change because I started reading and listening to Dani to on a daily basis. My focus is sharp, my confidence is up, my success is an answer to prayers.”
~ James Bauchert


“Your Script Book and CD’s have made cold calling a blast! It is a perfect tool for those getting started in this industry and a great refresher for those of us re-igniting the fire.”
~ Gary Klein


“Thanks Dani, for your simple method!”
~ Mike Crowe


“Hi Dani. The Script Book is my business bible and now I recommend it to everyone. It’s fantastic.”
~ Cornelia Doukas


“We have had excellent results and have our new affiliates
purchase the Script Book along with the initial training pack. It is actually a requirement in order to have our top leaders work with them one on one. I purchased 20 a few weeks ago for people to buy at our rally as we are introducing you into the new training. They were sold out within the first minute. Several of the people who bought them have enrolled in your live 2 day seminar!”
~ Kimber Jarvis


“The Script Book and CD’s have made me much more comfortable talking with people on all levels.”
~ Vic Kalman


“I think your Script Book is great. It is working very well.”
~ Maxine Elderd


“I love the Script Book. I have just about worn it out.”
~ Barbara Delville


“I LOVE the Script Book! Thank you Dani for providing such a terrific resource. I have just completed your Prospecting and Closing seminar, which was fantastic! I am a fairly new network marketer with a background in teaching and administration. Your approach is so easy to follow. Thank you!”
~ Nancy Intermill


“I have seen and used quite a few script books. If you use it (The Dani Johnson Script Book) verbatim, just like you say, it works great. I found it to be the best I’ve ever used!”
~ Daniel C. Brawn


“Dani’s Script Book made it easier to prospect. The script language stopped the majority of the objections I was getting before I used her Script Book.”
~ Valerie R. Clavivn


“Let me just say that I could NOT have achieved the success I have so far without the use of the Script Book. It is the very first thing everyone in my sales force is told to get. Thank you again for all that you guys do at!”
~ Monica Tubbs


“It’s been a great help and resource for me.”
~ Bill Moccasin


“I think the Script Book is great. It has given me the confidence to speak to prospective members/business partners. It’s changing my thought process about what I’m capable of. I am sincerely grateful to my business associate for recommending you and your products.”
~ Trina Bickham


“The Script Book changed my business!! I had been working for about a year and was about to give in just because of people coming and going in my business. My confidence is now through the roof! My team is growing in leaps and bounds! I followed the scripts and my voice, comfort and confidence just came. It was fabulous! Now I DO the presentations, run my team meetings with many learning simultaneously and am about to hit the next level of leadership myself. Thank you Dani for sharing your talent and passion so we can learn from you and share ours too!!!!”
~ Martha Smith


“I am new at using scripts and I love this little book of gold. It has given me the confidence to talk to leads and be successful in delivery of information they need to hear.”
~ Catherine Adams


“In regards to the Script Book and CD’s, I think the fact that I have built into my presentation the cost of acquiring this tool as a pre-requisite to getting registered in our business would explain my sentiments on it. To quote our thoughts on it and what one of my team members just emailed me. Dani Rocks!”
~ Colleen Shea


“I love using the Script Book. This book has bridged the gap between potential customers and me. Thanks!”
~ James Briggs


“Using a script from the Script Book, I recruited an individual who achieved promotions in the first 48 hours!”
~ Nancy Horneman


“Your Script Book is a GOLDEN TOOL!”
~ Karen McDonald


“The information in the Script Book is second to NONE!”
~ Steve Drewett


“We love the Script Book and it has helped our business
~ Stephen & Trish Stewart


“The Script Book is great and simple to read with the correct posture.”
~ Melva Calvin


“I LOVE your Script Book and use if faithfully. I am teaching my group to use it as well.”
~ Patti Huff


“I love your Script Book. I’ve learned so much about myself by using it. I have learned to listen better and have grown as a result. My posture is changing daily!”
~ Coral C. Aubert


“For 11 months I groveled through leads trying to ‘convert’ the unconvertible, persuade the undeserving and allow people to waste my time. Then when a REAL prospect came along, I had no idea what to do! I NEVER ENROLLED A SINGLE COLD LEAD! After plugging into Dani’s training and 2 CD set (I listened to it about 20 times) I closed 2 out of 14 leads, then plugged THEM in to Dani’s training so they too could start their path to success.”
~ Kris Wood


“I ordered the Script Book and audio CD’s last Fri
day and they were delivered on Saturday. I felt like I found what I desperately wanted under the Christmas tree!”
~ Jo Lyn Unangst


“The scripts work! I have been in MLM for 15 years and the scripting that Dani teaches us to use is AWESOME!!”
~ Donna McKamy


“I saw Dani in Vegas. I’ve listened to the script book training 15 times. I made 5 calls and closed 4. Yah!”
~ Darren Little


“Since using the Script book I am getting more people to business presentations, and I feel a lot more confident on calls.”
~ Kathryn O’Riordan


“I work for a start up company and used a section of your Script Book to close a 1,600.00 dollar deal…”
~ Mark Abbott


“I made national in 4 months…I hit every bonus using your Script Book and Training CD’s …
~ Katherine Kalolo


“I walked out of the hotel with an armful of CD’s and a huge sense of relief coupled with a new level of conviction that success actually was possible for me. The relief came from knowing that what you had communicated to me, you could do for everyone in my business too. I took one look at your script booklet and said, ‘This is it! Stop looking’!”
~ Marilyn


“I ordered your training script and since then I’m having fun calling prospects and I’m not afraid anymore to pick up the phone and hear a ‘no’.”
~ Anonymous


“I just got the script book this weekend. This is a steal! But I’ve been listening and I now know what I was doing wrong. If I had this 3 years ago when I started, I KNOW I would have a 7 figure empire. The scripts are fool proof. The funny thing is the team I train with occasionally actually uses your script but their mistake was inserting things that didn’t need to be there and deleting things that did need to be there! Thanks so much! My team and I are on our way to being extremely successful and we owe that all to you and your site!”
~ Marleeka Choat


“I got to listen to this yesterday and tried it out on my interviewed leads. It’s a great script book, I’m sorry I haven’t been using it earlier- IT WORKS!!! Thanks DANI, you ROCK girl!!!”
~ Deb


“I love the Script Book and CD set. Keep up the great work!”
~ Gary Ziglar


“I would just like to start out by saying ‘Dani, you are amazing! Thank you for being you!! Your script book was amazing!”
~ Anonymous


“Dani’s script book & CD’s are amazing! I’ve implemented them the first day I received the package. Truly powerful! Thank you for all that you make available for us!”
~ Fawn


“I’m completely up for whatever you have to offer. And that’s why I’m completely investing in you because I know that with your training I will become a 6 figure earner. I purchased your script book and CD’s. They are awesome.”
~ Teresa Monteith


“I have your script product and it has worked fabulously for me in my business.”
~ Anonymous


“I have had success in using Dani’s Script Book. I’ve successfully gotten several to either become my customer or to just try the products risk free. Prospects will come with belief in the products. I’ve also SOLD product to a cell phone representative right over the phone by FORMing her first! FEAR is gone! I’m not attached to yeses and no’s and am so grateful to all of you!!!”
~ Anonymous


“I just wanted Dani to know that I’m using her scripts exclusively and setting appointments daily. Thanks, Dani keep up the good information. I love your stuff!”
~ Sue Kyer


“I heard one of Dani’s scripts on a team training call and I immediately saw the simplicity of it. I also saw the posture it builds in the distributor and how it really qualifies the prospect. This made me more than curious. Great job!”
~ Rob Toth


“I came across Dani’s site and was awestruck at the quality and quantity of training she’s made available to anyone who is hungry enough to sit at this banquet table and dine! I’m especially fond of the script book. I’d love to tell you how successful it has been for me… but not only for myself, but for others on my Team. As for the script book and my success with it… I have a 100% success ratio in appointment setting using Dani’s scripts. Every one who is “interviewed” via Dani’s script … hears a presentation… then is led to a decision via Dani’s closing script… says ‘YES’. I’ve only had one ‘no’!”
~ Allyson King


“You have been very inspirational to me. I bought your script book and have really enjoyed it.”
~ Susan Dollinger


“The first time I used the script book I closed 3 out of 3 phone prospects!”
~ Ben & Renee Winans


“I was letting the prospect dictate the conversation and had changed your script without realizing it. I am now better able to control the conversation by sticking to your script.”
~ Ruth Narveson


“Since using the scripts in the script book I have scheduled web casts with 90% of the prospects I have spoken with. My next step…90% closing ratio!”
~ Coleen Bushby


“After purchasing your scripts and listening to your online training I began to see immediate results. From now on, everyone I sponsor must tap into your training!”
~ Carolyn Hickerson


“All I have to do is follow your superb scripts, tips, and tapes to insure our success!”
~ Carter Dibrell, Jr.


“This is the furthest I’ve gotten with the closing script, wahooo, it is building and momentum is about to bust through the flood gates!”
~ Danie Jolley


“Your ‘Script Book Training’ blew me away!”
~ Dr. James E. O’Kelley


“Out of the five presentations that I did, I signed up three by using the Script Book to the ‘T’.”
~ Catherine Rehula


“I just took the Script Book and went bang, bang, bang, right to it, and the guy signed up as with the top package.”
~ Beverly


“I bought your script book and CD’s. I’m in shock with the successes that I’ve had. It has never been this fun, easy, and successful…”
~ Connie Copeland


“When I used Dani’s Script Book after my return home I was amazed and so pleased to find that I was actually able to set up follow up calls. In the past, getting a definite time for a follow up call was almost non-existent. Now I’m getting 5 out of 6…”
~ Monica Vest


“I started feeding on your Script Book CDs in February and March and enrolled 107 customers-from leads!! This tripled our monthly income from the month before and won us an all expense paid trip to Orlando Florida, we have not had a vacation in years!!!!!!”
~ Debbie Tennison


“I am ACTUALLY enjoying prospecting for the first time EVER!
~ Linda Rivers

“Recently, I had a wonderful experience related to the Script Book that I wanted to pass along. I called a prospect that I had received off a lead. As I was talking to the guy, following the Script Book, he told me that he had been contacted by probably 20 other people before me. He told me that all of them seemed like a bunch of amateurs that didn’t know what they were doing and basically sounded like a bunch of idiots. He then told me I was the only one he was interested in talking to because I was coming across as very professional and it sounded like I knew exactly what I was talking about. There is no doubt in my mind it was because of the Script Book. It allows you to come across to your prospects in a very professional manner. Thanks for all your help in all that you do for everyone! God Bless all of you!”
~ Amanda Young


“I love the Script Book because I don’t stutter and I know exactly what to say…..”
~ Helen Manning


“I always struggled until I started using the Script Book and now it is just so easy to do….”
~ Debbie Rupert


“34 people signed in 30 days…Because of you, Dani, and the little black and white Script Book…”
~ Don Faast


“Since listening to you Script Book our recruiting has exploded! You have taken all the pieces that I have known but never been able to put them together so that you can quickly move a person through the exposure process with confidence and ease… Recruiting is so much fun now…”
~ Brenda Loffredo


“I cannot thank you enough for what a difference you have made in my business. The results have been amazing since I have been following your techniques. Your training is the only one that my group follows from now on. Thank you for all you do.”
~ John Olivari


“Dear Dani, Thank you for your awesome training you gave to our entire team! The call was totally packed, I received emails from people who couldn’t get into the phone line. It’s a challenge to truly express my appreciation for all that you contribute. Please know that hundreds of people benefited from your presentation with us. Your modeling has allowed me to develop and grow into my true calling. My heart is humble with gratitude!”
~ Fawn Christianson


“I just listened to a training call you did teaching people how to close sales. I think it is the best I have ever heard. You do an awesome job … I like the simplicity of it… I have been in and around this MLM thing for 8.5 years and there are only a few who do it right!”
~ Wayne Brown


“I listened to your call from last night – made a call log with the script on it, got 40 leads, first call – did your script – made the appointment – 3 hours later he wants to hear from me!!!!! THIS SYSTEM BLOWS ME AWAY – and my competition.”
~ Sandi Krakowski


“I listened to Dani’s call tonight and I was very impressed with her ability to control the conversation and learned more in that hour than I have in the past year of training.”
~ Christina Earl


“Dani’s advice, has taken my ho-hum little business and is turning it into a MUCH bigger deal!!! Hooray! I’m still in a bit of shock at the change of pace: from no success at all to simply having no time to deal with all the success! So, guess what? What is the first piece of advice I give to the new business partners I enroll? “Welcome to your new home business! We have some great business training for you with our company, before you do anything else, here’s a piece of advice that will make your business fly through the roof. RUN (don’t walk!) to and start listening for all you’re worth!” Many Many Blessings.”
~ A. in Alaska


“I have all the training courses of Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Kerry Johnson, and Brian Tracy. Also have the Tony Robbins course and countless other (so called) guru’s stuff. None of those people even came close to teaching me what you have taught me in your “First Steps To Success” CDs! I am blown away and humbled by what I have learned from you in just 10 CDs. These are the secrets that the other networking giants aren’t able to put into words. This is the “Key to breaking the code”! You have what everyone has been looking for! Your training will change the face of the industry!! Before learning from you, I was talking like a slimy sales person. Now I am talking like a friend. I am astounded by the response I have gotten from people that wanted NOTHING to do with me or my products. They are buying! They are listening! They are finally open to the business! I am telling anyone that is smart enough to listen, that they MUST have your training!! It will shorten your learning curve by years, not just months. Had I had this training 8 years ago, I would have met my goals many, many times over. God bless you.”
~ Dave S. Clark


” You just don’t just talk about “Why” you also give a lot of information on “HOW”. I highly recommend it to everybody.”
~ Pari Ellis


“Dani’s seminar was the absolute most educational experience of my life; and it was FUN! Dani is a teacher you will never forget if you live to be 100.”
~ Dick Ligeikis


“As a result of First Steps and also listening to your Script Book CD’s I was able to sponsor one person shortly before I went to First Steps and one immediately after. Then I sponsored another two…”
~ Jonathan Kawamura


“I had purchased your North Carolina CD’s and your Script Book about a month ago and I have listened to them – START TO FINISH – 4 times! YOU have turned the light on for me!”
~ Debbie Scalise


“I am going to have to get another Script Book as mine is so worn, it is ready to fall apart. I am telling all of my new brokers that your Script Book is a ‘must’!”
~ Kathleen Bard


“I immediately got your Script Book. I would listen to it driving, showering and doing the dishes. I even listened while mowing my yard with my son on my left leg and wearing my 6 year old daughter’s pink Barbie CD player on my head. I was on my way!”
~ Kristie Brown


“Thank you for the script book & CDs. I love them and think they are the most helpful instruments I’ve been given so far to develop my skills in my Business Development business.”
~ Diane Walter


“I listened to your CD and went over your script book numerous times. I love both and still listen to the CD to refresh myself ever so often.
~ Mary White




“WOW!!! That’s about all I can say. The Script Book is SO EXCELLENT. I quadrupled my success rate with sponsoring. It’s fun again.”
~ Greg Montijo

There are over 2,200 success testimonials just like this one linked to this page!


Now YOU Can Learn the Prospecting and Closing Skills of a Master Networker… in Record Time!


Dear Home-based Entrepreneur, Network Marketer or Sales Professional…
Would you like to:

  • Become a confident and FEARLESS recruiter?
  • Get prospects eating out of your hands and begging to join your opportunity?
  • DOUBLE your prospecting and closing ratios within 7 days?
  • Master the foundational business building skills of a 6 figure + earner – GUARANTEED!

What if you could gain access to the personal scripts used by a master recruiter and closer to build a multi-million dollar business? And what if you also received professional training from the very same person who developed these POWERFUL scripts too?

Imagine how that would impact your business. Imagine how much your profits would increase and how much faster your business would grow and duplicate! What would this be worth to you? Some have waited years for a tool like this, now you don’t have to any longer!


Dani Johnson’s Prospecting and Closing Script Book

sb fullproduct Dani Johnsons Prospecting and Closing Script Book

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“Dani, I sponsored 20 new people last month after listening to your closing training. It was awesome especially when it comes to calling cold market. By getting to people’s “why” you get them to see how your business opportunity can benefit them, not you!”
- Walter Winstead

Dani Johnson’s Prospecting and Closing Script Book
Will Double Your Recruiting Results Guaranteed, Or… You Pay Nothing and We Eat the Cost!

The industry’s #1 selling success tool has just been updated with new content, new scripts and a fresh new look!


product scriptbook thumb Dani Johnsons Prospecting and Closing Script BookWould you like to…

  • Learn how to take TOTAL control of ANY conversation?
  • Be prepared and know WHAT to say and HOW to say it when talking to new prospects?
  • SKILLFULLY handle any question or objection with ease?
  • Create HUGE desire in your prospects and make them CLOSE themselves?
  • Have your prospects “fall in love” with you and thank you for sponsoring them?
  • Have a turn-key system for duplicating these exact same MISSION CRITICAL skills in your entire sales force?

If you answered YES to 1 or more of those questions, then read on!

Our Claim – purchase, read, listen and APPLY Dani’s techniques in her NEW Prospecting and Closing Script Book and you will:

  • DOUBLE your Prospecting and Closing ratios.
  • Become a MASTER Recruiter, Prospector and Closer within 90 days.
  • Be in TOTAL CONTROL of any conversation and lead the prospect exactly where you want them to go.
  • Use these skills to take your business to 6 FIGURES and beyond.

Or… we will demand that you send it back for a full refund!

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Over the years, Dani has taken everyday average people with or without sales experience and helped them develop closing ratios as high as 90%!

There are 2 key tools she has used to do this. One is through her scripts. The second is through her personal mentoring and coaching and her training seminars. In this new product release, you get her exclusive scripts AND the specialized training to go right along with it.


“After listening to your training call on prospecting, I picked up a technique I’m itching to try. I know that if I knew this technique a week ago, I’d be $2000 richer right now!!
- Mark Peas


You’ll Get Dani’s Most Sought After Business Building Scripts Including:

  • 21 different scripts total you can start using right now to increase your PROFITS and decrease your learning curve in your home business!
  • Plus, how to develop your posture (attitude, body language and tonality) so the prospect is eating out of your hand and wants to work with you!
  • 10 keys to success that will impact your business and income right now!
  • Dani’s EXCLUSIVE prospecting script for cold market leads that puts you in the driver’s seat and gets amazing results!
  • A script to use when leaving a voice mail message that gets the serious prospects to call you back FAST so you’re not wasting your valuable time!
  • Dani’s exact follow up and closing script that the industry is RAVING about!
  • Tips on how to handle objections and questions tough prospects throw at you and how to regain control of the conversation!
  • How to deal with a negative prospect so they don’t waste your time and how to “take it away”!
  • An alternate closing script you can use to get the order from the prospect on the very first call and start them off right – use this script to instantly DOUBLE your advertising ROI (return on investment)!
  • A referral script you can use to turn every prospect who says “no” into more leads!
  • Another referral script you can use to multiply your personal customer base by 100′s!
  • A simple formula for building a rapport and trust… FAST!
  • How to find your most PROFITABLE prospects right in your very own back yard!
  • Insider tips for prospecting your warm market!
  • 8 different approaches and scripts for REJECTION FREE prospecting of your warm market!
  • A script for recruiting someone you meet face to face!
  • A sample retail phone script you can use to retail tons of product! This is the very same script Dani used to go from living out of her car with $2.03 to her name to $250,000 her first year!
  • Business building tips and much, much more!!


But wait! We just updated and revised our Prospecting & Closing Script Book, and added even MORE Scripts, Tools & Resources!

new Dani Johnsons Prospecting and Closing Script Book How to use Dani’s famous Prospecting Script with:

  • a web presentation
  • a live conference call
  • a recorded call
  • a live group meeting or 1 on 1 presentation
  • or even a fax or FOD presentation system!

Now no matter how you present your opportunity, you’re shown exactly what to do and say!

  • new Dani Johnsons Prospecting and Closing Script Book 2 versions of the Voice Mail Callback Script!
  • new Dani Johnsons Prospecting and Closing Script Book A Closing Script to use in a group presentation with 3 or more guests!
  • new Dani Johnsons Prospecting and Closing Script Book Additional Warm Market Scripts!
  • new Dani Johnsons Prospecting and Closing Script Book A brand new Face to Face Conversation Call Back Script!
  • new Dani Johnsons Prospecting and Closing Script Book Appendix A – our brand new “Developing Your List of Resources” worksheet with our Memory Jogger with 206 name triggers!
  • new Dani Johnsons Prospecting and Closing Script Book Appendix B – our brand new “Company Track Record” outline, with example included!
  • new Dani Johnsons Prospecting and Closing Script Book Appendix C – “Lead Contact Sheet” to be used with lead calls!
  • new Dani Johnsons Prospecting and Closing Script Book Our new, easy to use “Script Tips” format and much more!

btn ordernow Dani Johnsons Prospecting and Closing Script Book

Here’s just some of the comments we’ve received so far from this
recently UPGRADED #1 success product!

“I have reviewed the new script book and I have to tell you, is there ANYTHING you guys have not thought of? There is a script for EVERY possible scenario I can think of! This is amazing! The previous version of the script book has become a cornerstone of my business, this one can only produce even MORE results! Thanks for letting me take a look at it! I especially like the “hints” throughout. As I was reading, I was thinking that those are common things I am always saying. Saves my breath! Great job on this project, ALL OF YOU!”
~ Renae Heikkila


“I love the updated script book. You took something that was amazing and powerful and made it even more amazing and powerful. It is much more specific. The “Script Tips” make it that much more effective. You gave more ways through the tips to make our prospecting that much more awesome. Tips that I had to go to trainings, to grasp. You gave them away and made it that much better and did not raise the price. You have a team that ROCKS!!!! Thanks!!!”
~ Stacy O’Quinn


“This new edition script book is even more comprehensive and with easy to follow tips, how to write a resource list, and how to track your activity. Regardless of whether you use a website, live conference call, pre-recorded call, live meeting, or a 1-on-1 presentation, the script book is an absolutely essential tool for those who are looking to build a professional business and develop a professional income level. The people in our company who are using the system are gaining a reputation for getting results. The fact is if you don’t have this script book, then you’re simply being left in the dust by your competition.”
~ Simeon Cryer


“What an awesome job on the new script book! It has many of the scripts that we have heard in the trainings that I had transcribed myself so that I would have them. This is awesome! This makes the real scripts so duplicatable, easy to find which one to use and the tips are incredible. Just the right things to remember at the right time so that you are reminded of what Dani teaches. I can see how this one tool alone would help the brand new person get up and running and make more money more quickly. You guys are the bomb! My best always,”
~ Tyler Adkins


“You continue to amaze me with your ability to simplify this business. By plugging into your system our company has exploded. I am so grateful that you continue to upgrade these incredible tools and make them available so everyone may benefit. Thank you for letting us ride your coattails to FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!!!”
~ Bryan and Wendy Merritt


“I have two questions, how do I buy it and how soon can I get it? I want to be the first customer. This is a book with some real meat and potatoes. This is a complete encyclopedia for scripting.”
~ Jackie O’Quinn


“This new script book is totally amazing! WOW- way more content than I ever expected and really easy to use!! I love the new layout, how simple it is to stay focused on the prospect AND what to say at the same time! There is no reason for anyone to not be able to succeed with the step by step layout of this new script book! Every single member of my team will have one immediately, and my only prayer is that my competition does NOT FIND THIS! This really is awesome, it is going to rock the socks off of any training product I have ever seen – not only does it surpass the original script book but having this AND Prospect and Close Your Way To Millions in one’s hands will totally rock! The design team did an amazing job, totally blew the quality up several notches and it’s a very WELL DONE, ELABORATED and completed project. Awesome stuff!!”
~ Sandi Krakowski


“This new script book has everything extra you could want, the hints and tips are exceptional and will give those new people exactly what they need to succeed. I can not tell you how powerful this is. After 8 years of doing our own scripts (that did not really work) to now have a system that is duplicatable, inspirational and empowering is the most important thing that has happened in this business. Dani has broken the secret code to unlimited success in this business and life, thanks Dani!”
~ James Hannan


“Well where do I even start!! The new script book is AMAZING! You have truly out down yourselves this time!!! The things I like most about it are the SCRIPT TIPS and the format is very clean & easy to read. The “about your company” section is priceless; the memory Jogger is the best I have seen. You can tell you have listened to your clients needs and really given them everything they have been asking for and MORE!! I love the new look of course. As I was reading it I felt like not only did I have the script to read, I also felt like I was getting training all threw out the book. Very powerful! I use this book everyday, It has helped me so much, it was easy for me to pick out all of the new additions and I am so impressed, you really do lead by example! You truly listen and care about your client’s success; every where we turn there is on the
job training from you! This tool truly sets US (The Dani Johnson students) apart from everyone else in the industry, I have the confidence that the new business partner I get started will represent themselves and their team with professionalism and posture and as they continue to use this book they will gain the skills they need to be successful in anything they do, after all everything is about people!!! I have used the skill I have learned from this book In every part of my life, It has changed the way I do business and how I interact with people. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you and your incredible staff give to us! We are truly blessed.”
~ Anonymous


“Calling it a script book is an under statement. I know that when I get someone started whether they have experience in the industry or if this is their first time, this tool alone when applied and used properly anyone can build a SIX FIGURE INCOME AND BRING UP SIX FIGURE INCOME EARNERS. You have just made the BEST TOOL in the industry EVEN BETTER!!!! “
~ Kathy Humpherys



Preview Our New Design:

Here are a few preview images of some of the pages of the new Script Book. Just use the arrows below to scroll through the pages. It should give you a good idea of the new easier to use layout and also some of the new features. (note: your browser needs the flash plug-in to see the image below)


There is Not Another Script Book Package Like This on the Market, Nor Has There Been One of This Kind Ever Produced!

Dani has always written incredible scripts that get phenomenal results with newbies and veterans alike. So much so, that people would sign up in her sales force (years ago) just so they could get a hold of her scripts and STEAL them for their own company!

Never before has she released all of them to the general public with specific training on exactly how to use them. These scripts and trainings are NON company specific. You can use them with ANY company, opportunity or product!

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Ask anyone who’s achieved top success in their home business, and they will tell you that mastering prospecting and closing is one of the CRITICAL elements of success! Without it, your business will fail.

Learn the ART of prospecting AND closing, and you can go ALL the way to the top in ANY company or marketing plan. And the absolute best way to develop these skills is to model someone who’s personally done it themselves AND coached and helped thousands of other people do it too!


Often Just One Little Change in Your Approach, Verbiage, Attitude, Body Language or Tonality Can Affect Your Results by 40, 50 or Even 100% or More!

This can have an even greater multiplied impact on your total end result. Here’s another thing to consider… you attract who you are! Become a better, more confident recruiter and you’ll start duplicating that in your sales organization! Now that’s something to get excited about.

But – you know the greatest thing about mastering these skills? Once you master them – they are yours! NO ONE can EVER take them away from you! It becomes a part of you and for the rest of your life, no matter what opportunity you are involved in or what profession you work at, you’ll use these skills to confidently rise straight to he top of ANY organization!


By Now You Are Probably Asking Yourself, “This sounds great, but how much is this going to cost me?

First of all, no matter what the price is, it is not going to “cost” you anything. The first thing you need to realize is that Dani Johnson’s Prospecting & Closing Script Book is an investment that will pay you dividends for years and years to come!

We have clients who were failing miserably in their businesses, with 10′s of thousands of dollars in debt, who are now VERY successful 6 figure earners because of this Script Book. What kind of price do you put on something like that? The truth is, you can’t, it’s PRICELESS!

It’s natural to be skeptical. But if you doubt the impact Dani and her Script Book have had on her clients, then just take a moment to read all the testimonials down each column of this page. Then after that, scroll down to the very bottom of this page and click on the link that leads you to another page with over 2,200 testimonials!

With that being said, it would not be unreasonable to offer Dani Johnson’s Prospecting & Closing Script Book for $200, $300 or even more. It is worth MUCH MUCH more than that and there is no doubt we would continue to sell thousands of them. In fact, many of our clients tell us we are offering so much value, that we actually should be charging much more for this product. They say we are GIVING AWAY industry “trade secrets” in these scripts and that they would prefer we not make them available to “their” competition within the industry.

While we are always evaluating our price points and we may raise the price at ANY TIME, right now, at this very moment, you can get Dani Johnson’s Prospecting & Closing Script Book for only $39.97!


That’s right, its only $39.97! But this offer may not last long – we could change the price at any time!

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But Wait, There’s More to This Major Upgrade!

We are so serious about your success with Dani Johnson’s Prospecting & Closing Script Book we are also going to give you 2 KILLER bonuses FREE with your Script Book, but ONLY if you place your order right now!

Each one of these bonuses is designed to INTENSIFY and COMPOUND the results you AND your team will get using Dani Johnson’s Prospecting & Closing Script Book.

Bonus #1: Cold and Warm Market Prospecting Tips, Scripts and Examples CD! This jam-packed training CD captured in one of Dani’s live training calls is truly awesome. You’ll have Dani personally training you on each of the scripts in the Script Book and the techniques that make them work! With this training CD, the scripts will come “ALIVE” and you’ll really get to pick up on Dani’s personal body language, tonality, attitude and posture while going through the scripts. You get it FREE when you order your Dani Johnson Prospecting & Closing Script Book right now!

Bonus #2: Follow-Up and Closing Tips, Scripts, and Examples CD! Again, another CD captured from a live training call where Dani takes you through the follow up and closing process giving you tips and pointers along the way that maximize your results with the scripts! You get it FREE when you order your Dani Johnson Prospecting & Closing Script Book right now!

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Our “Double Your Results”
100% Money Back Guarantee!

Most never get the opportunity to work with someone else who’s personally mastered these skills! Having Dani’s Script Book (with the bonus training CD’s) is like having her right there mentoring you, shaping and molding you into a master prospector, recruiter and closer!

So here’s the deal. Buy the script book and listen to the CD’s. APPLY Dani’s techniques, concepts and scripts to your business. If it does not at least double your recruiting results, return it to us at ANY time for a 100% refund. That’s it. Very simple. You have NOTHING to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain. We take the risk, why? Because I truly believe with all my heart that if you apply what is enclosed in Dani’s Script Book and the bonuses that come with it, you will never again fear prospecting and you will become a very skillful recruiter and closer. If your results increase by just 50%, your business still wins big time!


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Wait a Second!

Earlier on the page I said, “Would you like to… Have a turn key system for duplicating these exact same mission critical skills in your entire sales force?”

Well… there is a condition to placing your order. You see, when we were pricing this product, we knew that if we really wanted to it could be sold for MUCH more than $39.97. We know there is nothing else on the market like this and that the information contained is so valuable, that people would pay many times that amount because the benefit they get is several thousands of dollars in return. Just think what your return will be on just one ad or lead campaign if you’re closing 2x as many prospects? Multiply that out within your sales organization 1 year, 2+ years down the road? Do you see what we are talking about? You could lose many times the investment in these scripts and CD’s on just one lead campaign alone! Think about the difference in the return of your entire team if they are closing more sales and signing up more people as well. So…


We Will Only Sell You This Script Book and the Bonus CD’s Under the Following Condition:

If you feel the scripts and training CD’s do not deliver what we say, you get your money back. If however they do deliver on our promise, and your personal sales, recruiting and closing ratios increase – and you feel 100% confident in our service to you and the benefits you have received from Dani, and her staff – and you whole heartedly enthusiastically would want your team to experience the same benefits – then you promise not to illegally make copies of the material and to refer your new recruits and your team to to use the same scripts and training CD’s for their business success. If you cannot honestly agree to this, then please do not place your order.

Now you are probably thinking…

“These guys are nuts, turning down a sale!”

But the truth is… we don’t want “the sale”. We want the success stories and we want YOU to be one of them.

And we know that there are 2 equations to YOUR success story. One is you. The other is your team, or what you duplicate!

We know if we can help your people succeed, then we can help YOU succeed more! This helps both you and us. It takes the burden of training and motivating your distributors off your shoulders and helps you stay focused on your business and out of “management mode” by letting Dani do the training and motivating for you. MANY leaders are seeing their sales grow MUCH FASTER by referring their team to Dani for training, focus and motivation. And, of course it helps us achieve our goal of affecting people’s lives and helping them succeed. Our goal is 10,000 unique testimonials and we need your help to get there. But… we plan to earn it. Is that fair? If you agree, then click below to order. Thanks!


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Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk Free and Fully Guaranteed!

Problem ordering? Call us toll free at 1-866-760-8255
or visit our SUPPORT CENTER.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Here is your chance to learn directly from someone who went from living out of her car with $2.03 to her name to earning her first million in 2 years!

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Over 2,000 More Testimonials!
Click here to read 2,000 more testimonials received from existing clients who’ve used her Script Book and training methods to increase their prospecting, recruiting and closing skills!

“It (the Script Book) is excellent! I have it open in front of me at all times. Thanks for your help!”
~ Tim & Kat Sparks


“I love the script book!”
~ Joanne Parzuchowski


“I am finding the Dani Johnson Script Book very useful.”
~ Jan Farquhar


“It has already paid for itself!”
~ W. Todd Judkins


“We love the script book and it has helped our business tremendously!”
~ Trish & Stephan Stewart


“My sentiment regarding the script book and CD’s is best demonstrated by the fact that I have now built into my presentation the cost of acquiring this tool as a pre-requisite to getting registered in our business. To give you my thoughts on it I will quote what one of my team members just e-mailed me, “DANI ROCKS!!”
~ Coleen Shea


“Your script book is awesome. It has worked and continues to work.”
~ Stephen Kennedy


“The script book is great. It has given me the language to use.”
~ Victoria Polaski


“You have just made the BEST TOOL in the industry EVEN BETTER!!!!”
~ Kathy Humpherys


“We have had excellent results and have our new Affiliates purchase the scripts book along with the initial training pack. It is actually a requirement in order to have our top leaders work with them one on one. I purchased 20 a few weeks ago for people to buy at our rally as we are introducing you into the new training. They we’re sold out within the first minute. Several of the people who bought have enrolled in First Steps!”
~ Kimberr Jarvis


“I use it always and ask new people to buy their own copy. Every time that I have deviated from your script book, my number of closings have fallen. So back I go to your script book, almost word for word!”
~ Tom Sweeney


“Your methods and teachings are totally changing the way I view my business, and how I approach my prospects. We have searched for SO long to find a system that is easy to duplicate and thankfully we were guided to you!!!! I LOVE the script book and CD’s and listen to them often.”
~ Debi Jones


“I like the script book…it makes duplication simple!”
~ Allison Vokac


“I use Dani’s scripts everyday and my business is growing because of it!”
~ Yvonne George


“The scripts are great! Keep up the good work!”
~ Stephen Rockovits


“I really like the script book. I have grown from the fear of picking up the phone and making calls. I am more comfortable prospecting and talking to people. The scripts are ‘cool’ and working for me!”
~ Andread Mayers

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