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Our War On Debt Affiliate Program is a simple way for you to earn extra money, offsetting your current home business promotions, advertising and training costs. Just place a link on your website, or in an e-mail. Every time someone clicks on that link downloads the free video and then purchases the War On Debt Home Studay Program - even up to 12 months later - you'll receive 50% of the sale. It's that easy.

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Dani Johnson's best selling debt elimination system War On Debt Home Study Program™ sells for just $99 USD. For every sale you refer to us who purchases after downloading the free video, we will pay you 50% Commission. That will net you $49.50 for each sale.

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Once you become an affiliate you can advertise using the tools we provide you in your account manager, promoting the free video or you can use your own website, blog, banners, your own opt-in list, pre-landing pages, etc... When people come to our sales page you get paid a whopping 50% Commission on the sale of every qualifying sale of War On Debt Home Study Program that comes from your link.


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To request access to the affiliate program, please submit a ticket to our Support Center.


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