Dani Johnson Delivers Biblical Insights Into Living A Life Of Breakthrough In Your Finances & Relationships!

For more than 5 years, people all over the world have been talking about the impact Dani Johnson’s Spiritual Equipping LIVE sessions have made on their finances and relationships. These life-changing messages have never been available to the general public before. Now you can discover the secrets to living a life of breakthrough in your finances and relationships! You can start listening today!

If you are serious about changing your life

The audio content in each one of these downloadable audios is guaranteed to improve your life in a specific and significant way. You will discover:

    • 7 Steps To Prosperity In The Midst of Chaos
    • The One Thing You Need To Reach Your Destiny!
    • 5 Keys To A Lasting Legacy
    • How to Accelerate And Advance Your Future
    • Turning Despair Into Hope
    • How To Not Be Fooled By The Enemy
    • What Causes It And How To Cure It Now!
    • Increase Your Influence
    • Understanding the Creator, His Ways, and How He Operates
    • What It Really Takes To Succeed




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5-Part Spiritual Equipping Live Audio Series!

Messages 11-15: The Breaking Point
The One Thing You Need To Know About God’s Character!

the breaking point render The Spiritual Equipping LIVE Audio Series

  • Learn what you can do to prepare yourself from difficult circumstances in the future
  • Discover the 2 G’s that hinder increase in income, influence, and satisfaction in your life
  • What 2 letter word in the Bible can save you from disaster?
  • The difference between discipline and refinement
  • What leads to life everlasting and freedom
  • Discover what the Bible tells us provokes God’s anger and pushes Him over the edge
  • The traps of idolatry and how you can rid it from your life

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“The Spirit Driven Success CDs are incredible. I am so thankful that you make business success simple and practical!”
~ Nicole Nohl

“Amyone that doesn’t tap into what you have to offer doesn’t know what they’re missing. Thank you so much and God bless!”
~ Lois Doughty

“Thank you for being such an incredible inspiration to so many of us. Your story is one of perseverance, tragedy, and triumph. I am thankful to be able to learn from it.”
~ John Chatman

“Dani, your straight-forward, to-the-point style is EXACTLY what I needed to cut through my excuses and start living life. I have been thoroughly impacted by your website, products, live events and most importantly YOU! Every aspect of my life has changed. My family, friends, business partners and clients. I actually CARE about every person God puts in front of me and that is a gift.”
~ Melissa Mroz

“You speak the truth into people’s lives and you have put Jesus back into the workplace. Thanks for helping restore my faith.”
~ Patrick Bradley

“I wanted to grow in every area of my life – spiritual, business, family, etc… I got more than I came for.”
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