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How To Kick Poverty Out And Accumulate True Wealth

Today I want to give you a short, but powerful message to help you start your week on the right track and in the right frame of mind that will set you up for long-term success. If you have spent any time with me, either on our weekly live Strategy Calls or radio shows, or …

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Break The Cycle Of Financial Bondage

I came across an article a couple months ago that was really interesting to me. According to the Wall Street Journal, a lot of people would much rather struggle to pay off a large credit card bill later than to admit that they simply should not buy whatever it is that they’re tempted to buy. …

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Master Any Skill With These 4 Simple Keys

There are four things I’ve found that are absolutely essential when it comes to mastering a skill. Whether it’s the skill of prospecting or closing or follow-up, or even the skill of running a marathon or learning a new language, these four keys are vitally important if you want to truly master it. But before …

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Discover The Power In Consistency

Would you like to learn how you can Discover The Power Of Consistency? Dani shares an absolute essential key that will make or break your results in every area of life. Use this key to direct your finances, effortlessly increase your income, watch your debt disintegrate, and your stress disappear. Here are just a few …

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Should You Occupy Wall Street?

If you are really looking for a way to make an impact on this nation, then listen to Dani Johnson on this Radio Show.

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Resisting The Blame Game And Seeing The Overlooked Obvious

Are you blaming circumstances or others for your lack of success? Are you blind to the overlooked obvious? Many people just can’t see what the true problem to their success is? Are you one of them? I’ll never forget a conversation I had several months ago with a waitress who worked at a restaurant my …

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Do You Have This Deadly "Success Killer" Virus?

Birds of a feather flock together. You’ve heard that old adage before, but now you can use it to determine whether or not you’re on the right path for success. Here’s how. In business, we apply this concept to people by saying that there are two kinds of population groups – the 98% and the …

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98 and 2 Percent – How To Cross The Line For Good

“It was so simple for me to get here… but you have to know how to cross the line” ~ Dani Johnson In this audio broadcast, Dani makes clear the differences between 98% of the population and the top 2%. She tells you exactly what mindset and skills you need to cross the line, plus …