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Beauty From The Inside-Out

When we talk about beauty, what comes to your mind? Good looks, honorable intentions, a big brain? They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and certainly each of us finds beauty in different characteristics. For myself, I pick role models from the Bible when I am trying to find a good example. …


Little Words Can Carry Immense Power

This morning I want to share with you a quote from Florida state senator Marco Rubio, “We live in a society obsessed with public opinion. But leadership has never been about popularity.” When you look at basic politics, what do you think of leaders who tend to change their opinions with the wind? They’re labeled …

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Is Safety Just A State Of Mind?

Let me ask you a question today. Do you feel safe? Do you feel like your children are safe? Everywhere you look, the news is selling you tragedy after tragedy. Just over a week ago 34-year-old Ivan Lopez opened fire on the Fort Hood military base and killed 3 soldiers and wounded 16. Several weeks …

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Combating Entitlement In The Next Generation

By now you’ve heard the uproar and outrage toward the “Gimme Generation.” You’ve heard dozens of times about the damages of participation awards, gold stars for everyone or being your child’s personal ATM. Beyond all that, there is a bigger attitude problem that shapes how your child is being groomed and it isn’t because everyone …

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A Clean Heart Leads To A Clear Mind

How do you feel about gossip? It hurts, doesn’t it? And even if it isn’t about you it can be uncomfortable or make you see other people in a different light. When you hear gossip it pulls you into the sin, you become a participant in the spread of lies, embellishments or secrets. I’ve seen …

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Facts Might Tell, But Here’s How To Sell

Imagine you are looking to invest in a new product. You strike up a conversation with a salesperson who has the product and they tell you all the features, benefits and the low-low-low “special price.” But one big thing is missing. The proof! You can talk-up what a product will do for a customer, but …


You Can Rise Far Above Your Circumstances!

Good morning! If you’ve tuned in recently for The Dani Johnson Show daily, you’ve heard about my travels and speaking engagements in different countries over the past two weeks. It’s really a whole new world over there and a whole new experience for me. I spoke at a global entrepreneur workshop and met so many great people …

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The MOST In-Demand Career

Are you one of the 48% of Americans dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur? That number, coming from Business News Daily, seems pretty high doesn’t it? Especially considering only 13% of Americans actually are entrepreneurs. Maybe this has been a goal in your life for many years and you just don’t know how execute it. So while …