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3 Tips To “Next-Level” Leadership

I want to talk with you today about creating success for yourself and those around you. In other words, your TEAM. You ARE part of a team…whether an entrepreneur, employee, student or stay-at-home parent. Not only are you a part of a team, you can act as the leader for your team – whether you’ve …

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How To Move Up The Corporate Ladder Fast!

While I was in Northern Europe with 3 of my children last week, we got on a hop-on, hop-off bus, which is a great way to get acquainted with an unfamiliar city. When crossing the border from one country to another, however, we noticed something. People seemed to have a very different attitude, and they …

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You Can Ask…And I Will Be Telling!

Nothing makes a person feel more special than when you trust them with a secret! To be included among an exclusive group with knowledge of confidential information forms an immediate feeling of being an “insider.” Let’s face it, during your childhood the very best thing someone – especially a grown-up – did was include you …

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Real Life Heroes Share Top Secret Success Tips!

In this day and age, trouble and bad news are prevalent, and it seems that many people are in need of a hero. In fact, most people are sitting around waiting for that hero to show up and fix all of their financial, relationship, and business problems. But there are a few people who have …

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Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth

What is the value of truth? What difference does a little white lie make, especially if it doesn’t involve anyone other than you? According to some studies, the average American lies 11 times per week. But what exactly is considered a lie? And how do they affect our health, our relationships, and our lives? Listen …

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Communication is the Key!

Communication is the key to any good relationship – but most people don’t know the most effective ways to get your message across and really listen to what others want from you. Dani knows what it is to start from the bottom, overcome adversity and rise to the top. So set aside a little time …