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Find Freedom In Forgiveness

We all get hurt sometimes. It’s just part of life. Whether it was a father who didn’t protect us, a mother who abandoned us, a sibling who bullied us or a friend who stabbed us in the back, we all carry hurt with us from the past. But the reality is, unforgiveness will limit your …


Whose Life Are You Choosing With Your “Choice”?

“Pro-choice” or “Pro-life”… you can’t seem to escape the endless abortion debate. For some, it’s a painful topic and for others it represents a political “hot-button” issue. Regardless of your position, there is no denying it affects millions of people, both directly and indirectly. While it is a deep source of shame and grief for …


A No-Fail Recipe For Leadership

A recent Forbes article stated, “Everybody thinks they’re a leader – most are far from it. Simply desiring to be a leader doesn’t mean a person has the character, skill and courage necessary to be a leader.” So what exactly does it take to be a leader? Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show as …


Is Your Life A Ticking TIME Bomb?

There is a common belief that in order to be successful in your work, you must put in endless hours and effort. Many people set huge goals and work around the clock to achieve them, only to be left feeling powerless, frustrated, and physically, mentally and emotionally drained. Tune in to The Dani Johnson Show …


Don’t Let Debt Handcuff Your Dreams!

According to a Career Builder survey, 6 in 10 Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck today. In fact, CNN reported almost half of American households actually depend on credit cards for their basic living expenses. In a society ruled by debt, how can YOU break free from this “credit bondage” and live your dreams? Tune in to The …


Kids: Handle With Care…But Not TOO Much!

As parents, we want the best for our kids, whether that means giving our kids everything we didn’t have as a child, or protecting them from mistakes and hard times. But what if what we thought was the best thing for our kids actually was keeping them from reaching their full potential in life? Tune …


You Can Be A Winner…Even When You Lose

There are many reasons people watch the Olympics… to watch excellence in action, for a good dose of healthy competition, and to see examples of extraordinary sportsmanship between coaches, athletes and spectators. And let’s face it, everybody wants to win – in the Olympics and in life! But what happens when you have to choose …


Use Naysayers To Make Your Life Positive!

We all have negative influences in our lives – the people who don’t believe in you or who mock, criticize, condemn, complain and blame. The hard part is, those Negative Nellies may be your friends, family, coworkers or even your boss! So how should you handle those negative people in your life? Tune in to …