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dani featured on better tv

Dani on Better TV: Pay Off Holiday Debt

Secret Millionaire Dani Johnson shares how to save money and pay off debt during the holidays.

dani johnson on fox and friends

Fox & Friends: Make Extra Holiday Cash

Dani Johnson’s on Fox & Friends reveals how you can make some extra cash this holiday season!

lowest prices of the year discount sign

Easy Ways To Save During The Holidays

Watch Dani on Channel 8′s Capital insider in Washington, DC. Discover how to save and why avoid Black Friday.

dr oz with his wife lisa

Dani Johnson on The Lisa Oz Show

Dani Johnson is a featured inerview on The Lisa Oz Show on the Oprah Radio Network.

dani in the kitchen for health beauty life magazine

In The Kitchen With Dani: Penne-Pinching Pasta

Featured cover story of Health Beauty Life Magazine, watch Dani do gourmet on $1 per person in 30 minutes!


Chicago Sun Times Interviews Dani Johnson

Chicago Sun Times, a Pulitzer Prize winning publication, recently interviewed Dani Johnson her book First Steps To Wealth.

dani interviewed on a news show in dallas

Dani Johnson on CBS News In Dallas, TX

Dani Johnson shares 7 steps to cut your debt and make money work for you with Dallas CBS News!

dani johnson holding up her new book first steps to wealth

Dani Johnson on AOL DailyFinance

AOL DailyFinance.com interviewed Dani Johnson and she shared 12 key points from her book First Steps To Wealth.