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Prevent America’s #1 Disease: Stress

Routine examinations are key to a healthy life! Schedule your Spiritual Equipping appointment before it is too late.


Business Tips From Successful 9 Year Old!

In todays world, we’re encouraged to give an excuse for anything and everything. Adults nowadays act like little children when they don’t get their way. When was the last time you saw a child who was more well behaved and mature than 98% of the population? Can’t remember? That’s because they’re hard to come by. …


Your Greatest Weapon Against Fear

Are you afraid of the dark? Maybe you are currently struggling with burdens or a suffocating fear, praying for a light that can pierce through and save you? There comes a time when enough is enough, stop wasting time being afraid! It’s time to pick up a weapon and hold strong. Listen to this Spiritual …


The Fine Line Between Success and Failure

Do you ever feel like you are right on the edge of a major breakthrough? Do you sometimes get some success in some areas of your life, but then it seems to just slip away? Do you find yourself asking, why am I not getting more out of my life? Listen to Special Guest Speaker …


Confront Your Fear Of Failure

Have you ever felt like there is some kind of expectation that you cannot make any mistakes? If you mess up or make poor decisions, you’ll become a hypocrite, sinner, or you’ll somehow bring shame upon yourself, your family, or your church. When this fear of making mistakes leads to complete inaction, you get stuck …


Is it Biblical To Make More Money & Gain More Influence?

Have you ever wondered if it’s really okay to make a lot of money? Or, to take it a step further, to become extremely wealthy? Is it biblically acceptable to become a man or woman of great influence, both personally and professionally? Listen to Dani’s Spiritual Equipping Broadcast and discover the biblical truth behind money …


Hidden Costs of Man’s Best Friend

They are adorable and playful, and the "puppy eyes" may be nearly impossible to resist. A pet may be a wonderful addition to your family. In fact, six in ten American families have a pet. And these six in ten families contributed to the $55 billion pet industry last year. How much is that "free …


Have You Traded Your Freedom for Security?

As Americans, there are certain foundational rights that we all have; certain rights upon which our nation was built. But what happens when those rights are slowly being taken away from us? Listen to The Dani Johnson Show as Dani discusses the escalating state of American security.