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Mary Walther

“I was spending my life hungover on the couch begging my husband to bring me Gatorade and chicken nuggets.” Today, Mary Walther's life is unrecognizable.

Mary Walther was overweight, partying her way through life and taking her new husband for granted.

“I was nasty. I withheld sex. I slandered him in front of our employees. I didn’t respect our home. I never cleaned. I never did dishes. I was a mess”

She had a young daughter at home, but she was spending her Saturday nights drinking with friends. Her entire life was wrapped around alcohol, and instead of dealing with her emotions, she masked them with partying and having fun.

“One Saturday night I was out at a house party. I dragged my husband there and drank, and drank, and drank. My husband wanted to leave, and I told him to go home and I would find another ride. I was totally wasted, and my best friend’s husband drove me home. Which was a problem. I was alone with a man who was not my husband – a man who was actually another woman’s husband. I was so sick the next day. It was the most hungover I had ever been. My daughter saw me get sick, and the look on her face was heartbreaking. That was the moment for me that I was like ‘no more.'”

Mary had a friend in her business who was generating massive sales each month. When she asked what his secret was, he told her about a live training event he attended, First Steps To Success. Mary came to the event, thinking she was getting business tips.

“Business was just a scratch on the surface, it was really just digging into who I was and who I could be.”

She discovered she was holding onto bitterness and resentment from her past, and holding onto the labels others had placed on her: fat, failure, good-for-nothing, just a pretty face, dumb cheerleader.

Mary realized that the life she was living was NOT the life she wanted. After First Steps To Success, she immediately took action and started turning her life around.

“The first thing that changed was my financial situation. I looked at all the crap I was buying: candles, five throw blankets, stupid stuff for my house, and it was crazy. I stopped spending, and have paid off $90,000 of debt.”

Her marriage is completely transformed and hotter than ever. Instead of withholding sex when her husband didn’t “perform” according to her standards, she began to honor and respect him.

“I immediately asked Jake for forgiveness, and he forgave me without hesitating. Like total clean slate. I started honoring our house. I listened to him and started to respect that he likes things organized and clean.”

She lost sixty pounds by taking care of her body and preparing healthy meals for her family. And by giving up fast food runs, the family saved money to boot.








“The thing that stuck with me the most from my first event, was ‘If you’re faithful with the little things, you will be trusted with much, much more. So that’s what I did. I started being faithful in small things with money. I started taking care of the household chores. I started planning my time. Now life is so much easier. Our morning routine is smooth. Time is actually on my side, instead of driving me to freak out and run around screaming at everyone.”

And, Mary recently landed her dream job using a training system called Job Domination. She and her husband both continue attending live training events, and are graduates of First Steps To Success, Creating A Dynasty, and our marriage event, Hot Marriage Secrets. You can meet them both at First Steps To Success in San Diego on January 19-21st!

“For the first time in my life, I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. This is exactly what I need to be doing.”


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