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Word of Warning for all (Christian) Leaders!

In January, the Lord spoke a word that frightened me; since then, He has confirmed the word many times. This word first challenged my husband and me in a very […]

In January, the Lord spoke a word that frightened me; since then, He has confirmed the word many times. This word first challenged my husband and me in a very profound way. We looked at each area where the prophetic word applied. We have been fervently praying in groaning, laboring, and weeping for ourselves as well as the leadership of the Body of Christ since this was received. He said, ‘2008 is a year of consecration as well as a year of new beginnings. I will consecrate the leadership of the Body of Christ- the leadership in all of the Body of Christ – church leadership, business leadership, media leadership, educational leadership, and political leadership, etc. All who are of the Body and in a leadership role will be consecrated.’

‘You will begin to see leaders who will go before their people and repent. Pastors will repent before their congregations. Business leaders will go before their employees, broken in repentance, asking their people for forgiveness for the compromise they led with. This will be the first stage of consecration.’

In a vision, He showed me big, influential people, as well as less-influential people, crying in brokenness, saying that the Lord has convicted them and revealed that they have led inappropriately and are returning to the Lord.

The Lord said that this would be happening all over and this first stage was the easiest of all the stages.

He then showed me that the offerings were unclean; that they were a stench in His nostrils. He said He was going to consecrate His offerings. He showed me that all who had manipulated the offering would be asked to leave the ‘soil’ alone for one year and trust Him to be the provider instead of their manipulative practices. Very few will make it through this stage of consecration.

The offerings of those who give for a tax break, for recognition, for position, or as a task (‘It’s time to give my offering like it’s time to pay my bills’); the offerings of someone who is not hearing from the Holy Spirit yet is giving in weakness to someone who has manipulated money out of them; those offerings carry a stench, are unclean, and count for nothing. What has been received by the one who manipulated the offering is unclean.

He also showed me the sin of usury in the Body of Christ. He said He would not bless the ‘Body’ financially if they were in the sin of usury. ‘The workers that you have not paid properly have cried out to me and your sin has been exposed. All who have manipulated people to work for nothing or to work for less: What you received counts for nothing. Pay the worker what the worker is due. Your words of ‘do it for the Lord’ were for your own gain, not FOR MY GLORY!’

He said, ‘I put it on the hearts of those who will do it for ME and they will come to you and say, ‘The Lord told me to build this for you or to give this to you’. You have not trusted me for provision; you have used manipulative practices to build your kingdom, not mine. I will consecrate this area of leadership as well as all those who oppress my people; those who lead in jealousy, judgment, pride, arrogance, and haughtiness instead of the Holy Spirit. Don’t be directed by the evils of your heart. Be directed by my Holy Spirit.’

Return to the Lord.

He also showed me a worship leader arriving 15-30 minutes early to do a sound check and then the people show up for the service and the worship leader begins to play and sing. He is watching the crowd & seeing some with tears, some with hands lifted up and others excited. He says to himself ‘God must be in it’. The leader thinks then it’s ok not to be consecrated or ‘prayed up’ before he leads. He just shows up to perform a task. The Lord said ‘this too is an abomination to me. I am not in it. This is not worship unto Me, it is unto yourselves. This is unclean, a stench in my nostrils. Consecrate yourselves to me.’ He showed me this applied to all who influence people. Pastors, speakers, teachers, business leaders, etc.

He then showed me a room of leaders around a table. Rising up out of the table was ‘Traditions of Man’. The leaders around the table were clinging to those traditions. The Lord said, ‘I am asking that they lay down what they are clinging to.’ He showed me the leaders clinging to the weekly offering; the programs, the schedules, and the formats instead of clinging to Him and His Holy Spirit. He said, ‘I am asking that they cling to me and not their traditions. Even fewer will make it through this stage of consecration.’

Then, He showed me very influential people that He had raised up; people that used their influence for themselves instead of using it for the Glory of God. I began to cry out, ‘God, where are your Elijah’s, Jeremiah’s, and Micah’s who called your people to repentance?’ He showed me a leader who was invited to meet with presidents and dignitaries. The leader came out of the meeting, telling people he had lunch with the President/Dignitary. He built his reputation and impressed the people, as well as spread the reputation of the President/Dignitary, rather than be led by the Holy Spirit to bring a word of warning, a word of correction, a word of repentance to the President/Dignitary. The Lord said, ‘I did not open those doors to make you feel good or build your reputation. I brought you there to be my messenger!’

He then showed me a straw landing on a camel’s back. I heard the voice of the Lord, ‘This is the last straw to land. My people are provoking my anger. This is their last chance to repent. Consecrate yourselves to me.’

He showed me a large number of people going through a series of doors, and a smaller amount coming out the other side. The last door had a smaller amount coming through and an even smaller remnant coming out the other side. These doors represented the stages of consecration. He is asking ALL to go through. He said, ‘Those who will NOT take heed and consecrate themselves, I will tear them down FAST and they will NEVER return to their place of leadership and influence again. There will only be a remnant that will make it through. I will pour out my Spirit on them and they will receive a powerful anointing of Christ and will do even greater things than what Christ did while He was on the earth. I will trust them with influence and give them a greater influence than they have ever had. I will trust them with finances that will far surpass anything they have ever received in the past.’

The last picture He gave me was profound. He showed me Paul saying, ‘I’m going to Rome’. Paul then began to walk with one companion and very few things. He showed me Paul praying as he walked for days; he showed me Paul praying and talking with the Holy Spirit while traveling on a ship. There were no distractions.

Then fast-forward: A leader saying, ‘I’m going to Rome! Bring in my two secretaries.’ I saw this leader with several phones, his computer, his staff, his connections, his planning meetings, his marketing meetings, his advertising campaigns, his preliminary event meetings, his appointments with important people, his travel arrangements, his accommodation details, etc.

God again flashed back to Paul; preaching while building tents and giving to the poor.

Again, today; people working, making money, and buying more stuff; houses, cars, planes, etc.

With his success, Paul didn’t have the options of bigger homes, more cars, etc. His only option was more time with God; healing the sick, casting out devils, and establishing God’s financial government by making money and feeding the hungry, taking care of widows and clothing the cold.

No databases to build, no buildings; just the Holy Spirit and him.

I spoke this only to my staff in January; then in February, March, and April, God clearly confirmed His word by letting me hear and physically see three leaders, who are known by millions and millions of people, repenting and confirming that they have been off track and the Lord has asked them to return to Him. These three men made it through the 1st stage of consecration. I pray fervently that they make it through all the stages. In fact I pray we all do.

This has been written down in fear and trembling. I know I will be judged by the Lord for every word written here. He confirmed that He wanted me to write this by giving me Ezekiel 3:18-21. Essentially, this scripture says, ‘If I don’t say it, the blood will be on my hands.’

So far this year as I have given this to many high profile Christian leaders, I have heard and physically seen many torn down. There have been 8 pastors who have died on a Sunday morning preaching from their pulpits – 1 during a worship service before getting ready to preach. 3 of which had a warning given to them about repentance and returning to the Lord, and they did not listen. Unfortunately I have physically watched the exposure of several pastors involved in adultery. Some were heads of enormous churches, others of small churches, some presidents of organizations that manage 100’s of churches.

I am weeping now and have been. I don’t want to see any more blood shed. I’m crying out for mercy for myself and all of the leaders in the Body of Christ.

If you are reading this, please search your heart and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the depths within you that could bring His discipline, and repent for whatever He reveals. I’ve been in much conviction this year. I have repented for things I didn’t even know were within me. The Lord has shown me how nearly invisible pride is deep within our own hearts. Our desire for vindication and honor from people in high places, even our desire to be used by God in a mighty way can be rooted in pride. It can lead us to exalting our own kingdom instead of building His. Pride is sneaky. He will not compete with pride. Pride is usually hidden behind a good thing, just like the example with Eve’s temptation in the garden. Remember the question she was asked, “you want to be like God don’t you?

Please ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. What is THIS really about?
  2. Who is THIS really all for?
  3. Who came up with THIS tradition, way of doing things, etc.?
  4. Is THIS really the way God wants me to live?

Apply these 4 questions to everything you’re pursuing. Be honest with your answers. We commonly judge pride as over confident, bold, brassy, and successful, but it can also be false humility, self pity, and shyness. These also are rooted in pride, but not so obvious. So “don’t be deceived” as the Bible says “the heart is deceitful above all.” Ask the Holy Spirit to truly search the depths of your heart. As I’ve asked myself these questions, God has revealed my true motives that were hidden under noble motives and He has set me free from things I did not even know I was bound and motivated by. THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR LOVE, MERCY AND GRACE! He is so faithful. His love is amazing.

Please give this to every leader you know, as the Holy Spirit directs. Do not walk in the fear of man, but fear the Lord. Warn in love because if you don’t "their blood will be on your hands." Ezekial 3:18-21.

Pray fervently for all the leadership and the Body of Christ in love and not judgment. Pray how you would want others to pray for you, if you were in their position. I’m crying out for mercy, begging, pleading for all of us.

In Love For All,
Dani Johnson

Download the PDF version of this page (for easy printing) here.

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