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Marriage Advice: Secrets To A Strong Passionate Union

Expert marriage advice, tips and secrets to reignite the spark in a stale marriage, how you spell LOVE to a man, what REALLY matters in your marriage, restoring broken trust, biggest misconceptions and more!

Relationship expert Dani Johnson hosts marriage specialist Dr. Lavonne Atnip in this audio training where she shares expert marriage advice on secrets to having a strong, passionate and healthy union, what your role is in your marriage,how to strengthen your bond with your spouse, have harmony and passion in your relationship.

Discover ways to reignite the spark in a stale marriage and find out what to do when communication starts to break down and more. Dr. Lavonne Atnip has been married for over 50+ years and is an expert in marriage, counseling and coaching thousands of people for over 30 years. Listen now and grab golden nuggets that can change your entire marriage around. This is your chance to get solutions to some tough issues that people deal with in a marriage.

  • Discover how you spell LOVE to a man
  • Find out what really matters in your marriage
  • Understanding your role in your marriage
  • Steps to saving your marriage
  • Learn how to communicate with your spouse
  • Discover what are practical ways to encourage your spouse
  • Why listening is key in having a strong, healthy relationship with your spouse
  • How to restore broken trust in your marriage
  • Find out what are the biggest misconceptions about a ones role in a marriage
  • Discover what the best thing a wife can do to help her husband
  • Learn how to bring respect and honor in your marriage

Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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