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Are You an Authentic Leader?

Don't take a break from changing your life and becoming a success! In this training call, Dani Johnson explains what makes an authentic leader, who knows how to grab at the low-hanging fruit.

It’s summer! Time to sit back, relax, catch a few rays and re-set your mind. Right?

Wrong. Well – that’s all right for some – but Dani Johnson believes that mindset is for people who are not committed to their profession and to success, the kind who use their downtime to step up and take charge. Instead, listen to this classic Monday Night Strategy Call, as Dani reveals what makes an authentic leader! Are you an authentic leader? What do you think?

Find out! Listen to Dani’s training call and learn the truth. Dani will discuss such topics as:

  • The signs of an authentic leader
  • The purpose behind your heart’s desires
  • What happens when you start walking towards the desires of your heart
  • What to do if your spouse doesn’t support you
  • How to set yourself apart for leadership
  • …. and more!

“There is a breed of people who are looking at the rest of the pack, and thinking: ‘This is harvest time,'” says Dani. “Now is the time to be looking for the business that is sitting there, the low-hanging fruit on the trees right now.”

That kind of person is going to tune into this training call aimed at authentic leaders — not just those who are always in charge, always forging forward for not just a piece of fruit, but the whole fruit tree! If others are distracted, that’s an opportunity for you!

Time to “quit going for the average, quit going for the small,” as Dani says. If you want bigger and better, you’re going to have to learn what it means to never settle for the environment of mediocrity that may surround you!

Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

Get The Map