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Beating the Odds: Leonie Gillham

Dani talks with the director of an orphanage in Belize who overcame overwhelming odds.

Most of us face what seem like insurmountable challenges and odds: How will we get the boss to pay attention to us? How can we motivate our employees? What can we do to build a stronger relationship, expand our business, make the money we need?

Dani Johnson has answers for all of those things … but in her own way, so does Leonie Gillham.

Leonie is the kind of person you want to know the moment you meet her: Despite incredible personal hurdles, this dynamic woman started her own orphanage in her home country of Belize — and you may have heard of it: King’s Children Home. Since 1985 Leonie has devoted her life to helping abused and abandoned children — over 600 in her estimation — live safe, secure lives and grow up to become productive adults. And she’s done it on a shoestring!

The story behind how Leonie came to meet Dani, and how both changed one another’s lives, is inspiring and even better, true. You will want to tune into this week’s very special live “Dani Johnson Radio Show” to hear it — and to realize that whatever your problems are, if Leonie can do what she’s done, so can you!

You will absolutely want to listen in on this inspirational show.

Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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