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Sage Advice and Success Tips from the Experts!

Listen in on real world success stories, with tips you can use in your life to increase your income, pay off debt, enhance your relationships and create the life you desire.

When you have something wrong, who do you ask to fix it? Sure, you might try it yourself (and maybe have some success) or you might ask a friend for advice (and maybe have partial success there, too). But you know what? With something as big as your life, your finances, your business … well, time to call in The Experts!

Nearly every month, Dani Johnson goes out and finds those experts. Yes, she’s the Expert Supreme in knowing how to change how you see the world and turn yourself into a success story… but when she holds a “First Steps to Success,” event, the stories that emerge are incredible, inspiring and true tales of triumph over adversity!

“Prior to ‘First Steps to Success,’ I was overweight, crippled by depression, imprisoned by fear, suicidal — with no dreams, goals or future. Since coming to ‘First Steps,’ I got my butt in gear, went from 185 lbs. to 160 … I have loads of friends, family, dreams. If you wanna win this game we call ‘life,’ if you wanna have loads of fun, if you wanna help everyone around you — and be the most efficient person you know, get yo’ butt to ‘FSTS!'” — Daniel Andres

“Before plugging into Dani Johnson, I had a good job but I let my attitude slip. I was killing myself, working 70 hours a week. My kids were starting to go in a direction we didn’t want our family to go. We discovered Dani and … we started changing the way we managed our money, parenting, operating at work…. Now we are in a new direction, new chapter, I started my own company and we are implementing the things we are learning from Dani and it is changing everything.” — Chad Ketcher

Chad and Daniel are merely the tip of the iceberg here: You know you want to hear more stories like theirs, in greater detail … because you want to know how. How can your life turn around based on what Dani has to say? How can you make your life better, more efficient, and just plain more fun based on what she’s teaching?

Well, you can start with this Monday Night Strategy Call, “Sage Advice and Success Tips from the Experts”. In this call we continue a series in which Dani listens directly to clients who have run the gamut from failure to success, moving from strength to strength. You will learn tips, skills and true inside information from Dani’s ever-growing stable of client experts!

One day soon you, too, will be your own best expert!

Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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