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Making a Federal Case of the War on Debt

No matter what is happening in your life today, it doesn't have to stay that way. Listen as Dani shares techniques that can make a difference in your personal and financial life starting now!

What would you do if you had $200,000 a year to support your family? Sounds like a lot of money, doesn’t it? And considering that the average American’s household income in 2010 was about 25% of that … you’d think that unless you were raising both “The Brady Bunch” and “The Partridge Family” under the same roof that you could make that sum work.

But our representatives, your representatives in Washington, D.C. who are actually crying in public because they’re “only” earning $200,000 each year.

Sounds like they need some new legislation! The kind Dani Johnson offers in her “War on Debt” program!

Now, this isn’t about class warfare. There are always going to be people who make a lot of money in this country, and some who can’t make as much as they’d like. But what Dani wants you to understand that it isn’t about how much you bring in: It’s how much you spend out!

How are you finding the keys to your chains of debt, so you can break free and start living without debt, without financial stresses, and really discover what your life is supposed to be about?

This is not about politics: It’s about learning how to live within our means, as individuals and as a country. Who thinks Dani should be testifying in Washington, D.C. about debt reduction? Well, until they call her down there, she’s calling out to you with her own words of wisdom. So be sure to listen to this unique Wednesday Radio Show to find out how you can do what the Congress cannot! Declare war … on debt!

Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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