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Life by Design: What Picture are You Painting?

You're the artist of your life! So what are you drawing now? Find out how to color outside the lines and start crafting a whole new picture for success!

Ah, crayons. Coloring books. Remember how you would sit for hours, a worn Crayola in hand, creating a whole world with purples and blues and greens and reds? Well, you’re grown now, and the question is: Since you’re still the artist, and your life is your coloring book – what are you drawing now?

Listen to Dani Johnson’s Monday Night Strategy Call as Dani Johnson lays out the tools you can use to learn to color outside the expected lines and live life by Design. Dani teaches listeners just like you how to:

  • Make your plan and frame your vision
  • Seek the skills you need to paint the picture of your life
  • Understand how to stick with your plan and never quit!

Just listen to Stacy Smith, a former actress who was once “afraid of corporate America”, who used Dani’s First Steps to Success expertise to apply for a job she had no experience in. “I got the interview and was accepted into their elite training program,” she says. Within two years of being at the company she had brought in over $400,000! Adds Stacy: “This is your one shot at life!”

You owe it to yourself to tune into Dani’s training call below, “Life by Design: What Picture are You Painting?” You won’t need crayons – just a good listening ear and a pencil and paper to take notes as Dani offers amazing tips, advice and testimonials from successful clients like Stacy!

Dani’s art may never hang on the walls of a great museum … but she’s got a mysterious, Mona Lisa smile that says, “I have the answers!” Be ready to open your mind to creating the mural of your future!

Dani is dedicated to revealing weekly strategies and skills that will help you financially, personally, physically, mentally, and spiritually! The answers to the questions you hear tonight will no doubt propel you down a path to make changes in a positive direction which will cause you to increase your income, pay off debt, accumulate wealth, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. If you feel stuck in a rut, lack confidence, or are just fed up with being fed up, tired of being tired, and want more time, more money and a better quality of life then tune in and listen to this free webcast!

Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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