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Real Life Success Story Tips You Can Use!

Discover real life success story tips you can use in your life to increase your income, pay off debt, enhance your relationships and create the life you desire.

No question: Dani Johnson’s “First Steps to Success” training was a real eye-opener for the multitudes who journeyed to Pittsburgh last weekend. But for those of you who couldn’t come to the mountain – the mountain came to you on last night’s special Monday Night call with Dani!

By opening up the phone lines to several success stories, Dani walked listeners through real-life examples of how her programs, advice and tips work. Call after call featured clients who realized they were:

  • Doing well financially, but facing a creeping debt
  • Open and ready for instruction
  • Prepared to follow Dani’s key strategies that would not just get them out of debt – but make them real success stories!

Look at the story of caller Wendy Wise, a nutritionist who studied to be a doctor for 20 years – then lost her company because she didn’t have the skill set to sustain it. But after a visit to, she was able to grow her income by $10,000 in just one week. Now she’s able to donate time at her food bank and give back – as well as earning what she always deserved.

Wendy’s tip? Even if you think you have all the success and knowledge in the world – if you don’t have the skill set to take you to that next level, success will elude you. By following Dani’s instructions step by step, she learned about skill levels, posture and earned the confidence to “re-engage my life and my dreams and for the people around me.” And on top of that, Wendy says, “I’m having fun again!”

Are you in a situation where the perfect life you were living has crashed? You have two options: Have a pity party, toss out blame and get angry – or get up and change your life. You may have children who are looking to you as a role model. If you can’t do it for yourself, Dani says, take action and do it for them!

Time to tune in and listen to how real people in the real world have taken Dani’s advice and turned it into gold – personally and financially. You can, too! Just click on the audio player below.

Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

Get The Map