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I have to tell you about Hans’ 26-year-old cousin, Naphtali. Naphtali came into our lives when she was about 12 or 13 years old. She and her younger sister, Lauralee, […]

I have to tell you about Hans’ 26-year-old cousin, Naphtali. Naphtali came into our lives when she was about 12 or 13 years old. She and her younger sister, Lauralee, were sent down from Washington to California to help us when baby #5 was born. We became quite close in their early teen years.

But then Naphtali kind of went her own direction for a season. She didn’t visit as often, and then we moved to Texas. She happened to jump on our website about 6-8 months ago, and listened to one of the radio shows about marriage, of all things. She’s not married, but she was engaged. She heard me talk about marriage, and on that show I had given out a referral of a person to call if someone needed help in that area.

So anyway, she started listening to the radio shows and tapping into some of the content on the website, and we ended up reconnecting very closely.

Naphtali came and spent a week with us for Thanksgiving, and I have to tell you what happened…

We were getting ready to hop on a plane to head to St. Louis for Creating a Dynasty, and I asked her, "What was your favorite part of your whole trip?" Her answer really stunned me.

I was expecting to hear about the food or all the games or something like that. But what she said to me was so profound. See, you never know when people are watching. You never know what people are paying attention to or what is impacting them about how you live out your life.

With a beautiful smile on her face, looking at me dead in the eyes, she said, "Ya know, I learned so much by seeing the way you and Hans do family."

I jerked my head back and said, "What? Really? What do you mean by that?"

She said, "Seriously. You guys are such a close family. You all work together as a team. The responsibilities of the home don’t fall on one person. I’ve always dreaded the thought of getting married, because I never wanted to have kids. I thought it would be so much work and it wouldn’t be rewarding. But after living with you guys this week, I have a whole new perspective."

She continued, "Micah helps you cook dinner, and the boys get up after dinner and start cleaning the kitchen right away, without being asked. Everyone works together with a really good attitude, all laughing and having fun. I love how you play games together as a family. Every meal was shared together. I heard you talking to the boys about their dreams and goals. I just love the way I witnessed family. I mean, I grew up with a lot of kids, but I don’t know that we were close. I’ve been inspired that I could learn how to do this, too. Now I’m considering, maybe I could have kids. Maybe I could have a family. Maybe it wouldn’t be a really hard, horrible burden."

I was just so taken by everything she said.

So I want to encourage you today. People are watching. Whether it’s your cousins, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles, neighbors, or people in your community – they are watching you. And your life can truly be a testimony of a good way to live.

If you’ve used the tools that are on our website, especially Magnetic Influence, which shows you how to effectively communicate with people, or GEMS, which really helps you to understand the 4 different personality types and how to motivate them and pull the best out in them, then I want you to know that your life is becoming one that others want to live. When you are able to destroy conflicts and live in harmony with the different types of people living in your home and community, and when there is teamwork, happiness, joy, fun, and good memories together, people see that and they want it.

Naphtali’s not the type that wants to be a millionaire. She doesn’t have this wild, crazy goal of "I’ve got to make a million dollars in the next 2 years, or I’m a loser." That’s not her focus, and it’s not the focus of the majority of people on the planet today. Most people are just trying to make ends meet, just trying to get rid of their debt, just trying to find happiness.

And I believe there is no happiness quite like a family that is living in harmony. There’s no happiness like using the tools that improve and create such an awesome living experience. Isn’t that what we’re all after? A good living experience? Happiness? Harmony and peace? Good memories?

I was just floored when I heard the things Naphtali was really paying attention to. And there are people watching you, as well. You have the opportunity to have a massive impact on someone. Seeing the way we use Magnetic Influence and GEMS in our home really changed the way Naphtali feels about life and her future. Just as it will change the lives of those who are around you.

Each time you practice these skills, you are giving people hope and helping to shape & form a destiny that may have otherwise been buried by pain and confusion and bad experiences.

Your life is a testimony. As people watch what you do and how you live, you will be set apart as a very influential person who greatly impacts other people’s lives.

And by the way, if you enjoyed this, please feel free to pass it along to other people. You can also scroll down to the bottom of this page and tell me what you thought of today’s message. Let me know if these daily letters are helpful for you.

Let’s not just keep this to ourselves. Let’s spread the message. Your life is a testimony, and you are influencing other people’s lives. So make sure you’re leading by the right example that can really impact other people and change the way they think and spur them on to greater dreams and a greater destiny!


In great faith,


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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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