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Look Who’s Talking!

Whether you are right or wrong, hear how to approach various conflicts on The Dani Johnson Show!

Have you ever had a conversation that ended with some form of, “Oh yeah? Well look who’s talking!” This statement would usually conclude a passionate discussion between disagreeing parties. Consider a situation between a husband and wife: as the husband commented on a noted imperfection in his wife, the wife retorts. Her response was formed as a justified opinion, after taking her husband’s own defects into consideration. Both responses have a name: judgment.

The “J” word is not a popular subject since it is an issue that most struggle with. The majority of people point fingers, blaming others for the various curve balls life throws. It is a widely accepted behavior and justified form of a second-grade level issue. Think about it. Judgement has left the playground and has entered politics, church congregations, marriages, schools, the list goes on.

Whether you experience conflict on a minor or major scale, press PLAY to:

  • Get a quick fix to dispute resolution
  • Receive more honor and encouragement from others
  • Bring forgotten-peace and harmony back into your home
  • Change the way others see and think of you

What are you waiting for? Change starts here!

Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

Get The Map