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The S Word: (Almost) Everyone Is Doing It

Listen as Dani Johnson discusses what seems to be a vain attempt: abstinence. To wait, or not to wait.

“But, everyone is doing it!” is a phrase we learned early on to justify purchases of trendy toys, hairstyles, clothes, and anything we wanted in order to fit in. Today, fitting in means living in accordance with the “do what feels good philosophy”. The prevalence of pornography, saturation of sex in popular culture, and increasing average age for marriage is making it hard for young people to wait.

Those who choose to wait till marriage for sex are greatly outnumbered and pressured from every front. The idea of abstinence seems to be a vain attempt, getting your hopes up for guaranteed disappointment. To wait, or not to wait – that is the question. Press PLAY to:

  • Have the most exciting, passionate love-life possible
  • Secure a strong, healthy, physical relationship
  • Use this flawless litmus test to find out if he or she is “the one”
  • Reignite the spark in a stale relationship
  • Discover how to bring respect, honor, and true love back into society
  • Learn how to meet someone if you are single and ready to mingle

What are you waiting for? Your change starts here!

Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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