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3 Tips To Get Over The Fear Of Failure

Do you have a dream inside of you? There are some people that are called to teach. Some are called to paint or speak. Others are called to write or […]

Do you have a dream inside of you? There are some people that are called to teach. Some are called to paint or speak. Others are called to write or act. Maybe your dream seems small to you – maybe you want to be a mother or a father.

Whatever you feel called to do or be, you face one big obstacle: intimidation. A lot of people have accomplished your dream before you, and maybe you feel they’ve done it better. So what you feel is basically just fear, right? I’m not good enough or smart enough, no one will like me. I have nothing to offer to this industry. Or, on the flip side, you KNOW you have something to offer but you fear not having the tools or knowledge to get it done.

Achieving the life of your dreams isn’t something that happens overnight. You don’t just decide you’re going to be the best at something and wake up the next morning with the influence and skills to accomplish your goals. But today, I want you to encourage you to keep your dreams! These 3 very important steps will help you get started.

  1. I’m going to start by telling you a secret. Fear is lie! It is a biological function that is supposed to tell your body you are in danger. But we all know it triggers even when you aren’t in physical harm! In reality, you are just stepping out of your comfort zone. You need to stop and ask why you are afraid. And keep asking that question, why, until it leads you to the root of the problem.

    Maybe you got picked last in kickball when you were young, so you don’t think you’re good enough now. And you’ve been carrying around that lie for decades. Your body remembers how it felt back then and, if you let it, will react the same way every time you face a similar situation.

    The mistake a lot of people make is they push past their fear and gain some success, but if you don’t get to the root of the problem it will still come back. If you are trying to plant seeds, you can take all the care in the world but if you didn’t get rid of your bad roots, eventually they will grow up and choke your crops. They will choke your success.

  2. Be assured that your goals aren’t “small”. In fact I would be more concerned if you didn’t have any dreams or goals at all. Having a vision for your life, period, already puts you ahead of most people who just settle for what they’ve been handed. When you were young, you had lots of big dreams and goals for your life. But slowly your dreams shrink to fit your income or whatever circumstance you’re using as an excuse. A man without vision will perish. If you stopped dreaming long ago, it’s time to pick that up again! It’s time to cast a vision on your life.

    And let me assure you, whatever goal you are pursuing in life, that career path or dream NEEDS your leadership and influence. It doesn’t mean you have to be a perfect unblemished human example. But most industries and even households today really need honest, encouraging, entrepreneur-minded leadership. If you want to become a successful mother, author, or musician you will garner a higher level of influence. Do you want to use that influence to spread what is currently surrounding these stereotypes? Do you want to teach your children the current social and educational standard of mediocrity? Or would you like to help build a new community of revolutionary thinkers who use that influence to inspire and help others?

  3. Once you actually write down what your goal or dream, it’s time to start mapping it out. List down what needs to be accomplished to make it happen. When a dream is listed out in smaller tasks, it becomes more feasible.

    But here is one thing you probably forgot to include on that list. And it’s very simple. I’ve been teaching it to people for years, and it is even how I got my start in business. Find someone who has what you want, and do what they do. Get a mentor! If you want to learn, you get a teacher. If you want to paint, learn from a painter! Even Jedi’s had to be an apprentice first.

The big picture for you today is to keep dreaming! If you had no fear of failure, if you knew 100% you WOULD succeed, what would you do with your life? Start gearing your mindset towards getting over your fears and pushing into a life you never thought was possible.

Encourage your friends and family, as well as your co-workers and business partners to dream again. Don’t allow them to miss out! Pass this message on, and start talking about it on your Facebook or Twitter. We’ve got to become people who care about helping others succeed, and this is a great place to start. So go ahead and share this message and leave your comments on our social media pages!

God bless, and I’ll talk to you soon!


In great faith,

Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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