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"Child’s Play" Is Big Business

What was your very first job? I’m not talking about that first step into the business world after high school or college. Think back to the first time you ever […]

What was your very first job? I’m not talking about that first step into the business world after high school or college. Think back to the first time you ever earned your own money.

Kids of a certain era might have had their own paper route in elementary school or done baby-sitting when they reached junior high. It might have been raking and mowing lawns for your neighbors. Today, we’re seeing more and more young entrepreneurs taking their ideas far beyond the front yard lemonade stand and into the global marketplace!

More and more frequently you see and hear stories about young ‘tweens and teens taking an idea and just running with it… all the way into a full-on, corporate venture worth millions of dollars. But, you’ve got to wonder where this “can-do” entrepreneurial spirit came from.

Chances are it started within their homes, with adults who instilled within these young people a strong work ethic and supported their dreams and vision. And, I’ll bet you anything these young “movers and shakers” were not handed everything on a silver platter, either!

It all begins with a very specific attitude toward money and responsibility, which should be taught from the very earliest years. And allowances give children the opportunity to learn about the four most important aspects of money: 1. Earning; 2. Spending; 3. Saving and 4. Donating. However, an “allowance” should never be a hand-out given to a child simply for existing!

This brings us to the very first and most important point… money should be EARNED! And, we’re not talking about doing expected tasks as a normal part of being a member of the household. Rooms should be kept clean, age-appropriate assistance and tasks should be expected. An allowance gives children the opportunity to look outside their normal responsibilities for opportunities to earn — there’s that word again! — this extra money.

And, that “earning” and “working” mentality is what produces these amazing young entrepreneurs across the country and around the world. One young lady from Dallas began creating artwork and charms from bottle caps around the age of 10 and by the time she was 13, had over 25 employees and an annual revenue nearing 2 MILLION DOLLARS.

Many of these next-generation entrepreneurs followed their creative passion, but have also incorporated their philanthropic, healthy lifestyle, naturally-sourced or spiritual beliefs into their business visions. Not only are they learning to use their gifts and resources to earn, but also as a tool to teach and give back.

In fact, I encounter some of these remarkable young people at every one of our First Steps To Success events! These kids have learned not only the value of pursuing their own business dreams, but the importance of investing wisely and setting aside charitable contributions with the goal of creating a better world for their futures.

Imagine having such powerful insights before you even reach adulthood! Think back to your first job and what your perspective might have been. Can you imagine where you could be today, if you had the benefit of this mind-set when you were working the fast-food drive-thru lane or earning minimum wage as an usher at a local theater or arena?!

Normally, we expect young people to learn and take their cues from the grown-ups. But, today I’m suggesting we take a look at this new generation of business minds rapidly coming up on us! Use their enthusiasm, their vision, their willingness to dream of success, as an inspiration to rejuvenate our spirits and recapture the attitude that we can do anything if we set our minds to it.

And, in the process of regaining our passion, we must also remember to continue to foster and support this amazing business spirit within the young people in our lives. Start in your own family and share this via your social media — what better way to reach the “next generation!” And, if you know of an amazing kid who really demonstrates this idea, please be sure to share their stories with me below! Let everyone know about what phenomenal entrepreneurs are being nurtured and forward this message to encourage them all.

And, if you’re seeking additional inspiration, don’t forget to join us tonight for the Spiritual Equipping Broadcast at 8 pm ET/7 pm CT, on your TV, radio, smartphone or computer! (Check the sidebar for more details.)


In great faith,


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