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Dream It…Dare It…DO IT!

Have you had something happen in your life that just completely shocked you? You know, something kind of in the back of your head you wondered if it might someday […]

Have you had something happen in your life that just completely shocked you? You know, something kind of in the back of your head you wondered if it might someday come to pass?

I’ve just experienced that and I want The Daily Fix today to encourage you, especially if you’ve got something you’ve been secretly wondering and hoping or anticipating might perhaps happen someday. Read to the end for an absolute encouragement for you to keep holding on.

I don’t know if you know how the radio opportunity ever came about for me. To be honest with you, I was never a kid that dreamt about being on TV or being a radio show host or author or anything like that. My biggest dream was to get married, have three children and marry a guy who wouldn’t beat me or my children because I came from such a violently abusive home.

I didn’t have dreams of being deeply in love or being massively successful. Certainly not being a millionaire, living in nice homes or driving nice cars or traveling around the world. Or any of that…those dreams never entered my head growing up.

But, when I got introduced to a different group of people – entrepreneurs, they caused me to think differently about life, see the potential and what was really available. That’s when I began to grab vision from several different people and went from a homeless woman to starting a business from the trunk of my car and became a millionaire within two years. I’ve been running companies for a long, long, long time and been in business for 25 years.

I like to study people and LOVE to read biographies and stories about people. In 2005, I read a book with a story about a woman who had been given the opportunity to get on the radio. She taught the Bible on the radio and that turned into getting on television. She impacted millions of people’s lives in that culture. And right when I read that, I began to weep and said “God, if you can use her in that way and how you’ve used her…please use me.”

Something jumped into my heart right then about radio without knowing what it would take or how to learn it. I kept that to myself and did not even tell my husband or any of my friends… just tucked it into my heart and started to pray about it.

This book had stories about other people. There was another story about the same thing happening to them – how they started in radio and started to impact people’s lives. Now mind you, I didn’t listen to the radio at all and was not interested in talk shows. Yet, when I read this story, the same thing jumped into my spirit and tears began to flow from my eyes. I still did not say anything to anyone.

Shortly after this, we left for vacation. And when we returned, I discovered something! We had just moved into a new office and it turned out the section of the office my husband assigned for me for weekly training calls to help people pay off debt or improve their lives happened to be an old radio station. What are the odds of that!? Guess what, it even had a sound engineering room, a radio talent broadcast room and a place for the producer that had a glass window. And, on top of that, the guy who had set up my studio actually bought a radio mic for it…what are the odds of that?! Again, I didn’t say anything to my husband at all… not a word.

A while later in 2006 something provoked me to go and tell Hans, “I have tell you something. Something really weird has been happening for this last year.” So I told him everything I just told you. You’ll never guess what he said! “Hmmm…well, that’s interesting.” He said it like, ‘yeah, that’s nice, Dani.’ a very polite way of saying have fun with that, THAT’S never going to happen.

Then in 2009, after we moved to Texas I got a call from a radio station saying we would love to give you a show on our station and you can have as many hours per week as you want. If you want a daily show, if you want a twice-a-week show, we just want you to have a show! We feel like your content is perfect for radio.

That’s when I said to Hans, “Honey, I’ve got to talk to you again.” And he said, “Well, you know, test it out, and see where it goes.” So, right away I started listening to the radio – particularly to the talent on their station. And, I’m going, “Oh, n-n-n-n-o…I am NOT going to sound like that!” If I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it with excellence and diligence. I don’t want to wing it; I want to learn the craft of radio.

Then I asked Hans “Can I make an investment into learning the craft of radio. I want to hire the best possible coach I can and learn from them because I can’t really understand without going all in whether or not I want to do this as a career. If I go all in and give it my best shot, then we will see how the whole thing works from the inside versus judging it from the outside.” Unfortunately, most people typically judge things from the outside where you can’t know how something’s going to work out.

Here’s the coach connection! I had met Stephen Baldwin in 2006 and we immediately connected since we both have a passion for kids and reaching the next generation since we know they can change the world. In fact, he wrote the Foreword in my book, “Grooming The Next Generation For Success”. So, one day I was just randomly talking to him on the phone and said, you know I have this radio opportunity pop up and he immediately said, “You’ve got to call my buddy, Kevin. He’s the best coach and he’s been my coach for radio.”

So I hired Kevin to coach me for six months and it cost $24,000! It was a very expensive investment at $1000 a week, but I had not made an investment into a new skill for quite awhile. It was now my turn to make another investment into education for myself, and I did.

During our coaching time Kevin kept telling me again and again, “Dani, your content is good enough for a daily show…this content EASILY should be on 300 stations. This is what the world needs; this is stuff that changes people’s lives.”

My coaching ended June 2010 but I still wasn’t convinced whether I wanted to go forward with a radio career. I would take little breaks, but then couldn’t wait to get on the air. In January 2012 we got syndicated starting in New York. Within a year, we ended up on 95 stations throughout the country and in major markets – New York City is number one – and that was a shock, right! It’s Sunday nights from 9 pm ET/8 pm CT, if you haven’t heard the show yet.

Then we get a call from a television broadcaster who wants to broadcast the Dani Johnson Radio Show on cable networks. I wasn’t excited, to be honest with you. When ABC “Secret Millionaire” called us, we told them no FOUR SEPARATE TIMES. I’ve been on Oprah, I’ve done hundreds of television interviews and I’ve never wanted to be on TV. I’ve been approached about television shows from reality TV shows or a standing expert on a major show. Location offers from New York and Los Angeles and I told them I’m not interested. My family comes first and unless you have a studio right here in my town, this is a no-go.

So, here comes an opportunity for TV where they want to broadcast the Sunday show into 11 million homes, starting right now and in mid-August we’ll be in another 11 million homes in New York, so that’s 22 million and within another year and a half we’ll be in 126 million homes. The television network says, we just want you to record on video the show you’re already doing, which means no extra time, no extra work by anybody in our staff, all it is, is a camera recording video at the same time I’m doing my show right where I’m at already!

Also, check this out! I actually wasn’t excited and didn’t agree to say yes at first because the show that’s more important to me than the Sunday show is our Wednesday night Spiritual Equipping Show. That one is the MOST important show for me and where we see just the craziest, miraculous things happen in our clients’ lives and in our listeners’ lives. And I told the head of the network, would you mind checking out that show? As soon as he did, he said they wanted that show too!

Imagine this, as of last Sunday night, the Dani Johnson Show (9 PM/ET, 8 PM/CT) is now LIVE and being broadcast into 11 million homes and 22 million homes by the middle of August. And, when our Spiritual Equipping Show (8 PM/T, 7 PM/CT) returns from summer vacation, the first Wednesday in September, it will also reach this amazing audience and both shows will continue growing into 126 million homes.

So, PERSIST! If you’ve got that secret little thing in the back of your head you wonder if maybe that might happen someday, I hope this is spurring you on to continue moving toward it. You see, we’ve all got to start with the small stuff.

I started small, working with people 25 years ago. Took on the next step, and continued to grow and persist. I had a lot of failures in between. Radio, was I born for it? No. I was inspired by somebody else who was doing it and I kept that little thing hidden in my heart for a couple of years. It became obvious over time this was the direction I was supposed to move in.

And what came out of that relationship with my radio coach? He’s the one who produces the radio show. And what came out of that? This connection for television. Now, the Dani Johnson Radio Show is going to be on television in 22 million homes before the middle of this coming August!

Friend, you know I never imagined something like this happening in my life. Quit worrying and just keep working! Don’t be anxious about those big things maybe in the back of your head you want to do. Just take it one step at a time, taking care of the little things, growing your skill sets, making those important investments into your skill sets, giving it your best shot and building relationships. It’s going to happen for you, just don’t give up!

Thanks for being with me on this journey and I appreciate you so much. I can’t wait to hear YOUR awesome dream success story come true!


In great faith,


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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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