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How NOT To Look Like An Idiot

I am so excited to tell you this story today, because I know you’re going to get something really good out of it. You may have heard about our 15-year-old […]

I am so excited to tell you this story today, because I know you’re going to get something really good out of it. You may have heard about our 15-year-old son, Roman, who recently bought his first house as an investment property. But before you jump to any conclusion about this, read all the way to the end of this letter.

The week Roman bought the house, I posted a picture on Facebook of our family in front of the house. There were a lot of comments, and it was really easy to tell who knew Roman and our family, and who didn’t. We could tell the people who have been around for awhile and know our mindsets and what we believe about money. They know that we don’t spend a lot of money, and we live a very modest, very simple lifestyle.

Our kids have not been given a free ride. They have all worked since they were 12 years old. They have had to earn their own way. I buy them 2 pairs of shoes a year, and they each have 3 pairs of jeans. If they want more than that, they have to buy it themselves. They have not, by any means, had things handed to them in life.

So what was really interesting were the assumptions that were made about Roman. For example, one guy commented and said, “Dani, you are such a fake! You are lying your butt off! There’s no way! How in the world did a 15-year-old make hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a house?!” Or others who said, “You’re not being honest! It’s impossible for a minor to enter into a contract like that!”

First of all, this house was not hundreds of thousands of dollars. People were assuming they knew the whole story. They assumed they knew all the different ways to put together a real estate deal. They assumed they knew the price of the home. People made all kinds of assumptions about our parenting, that somehow Roman had not worked a day in his life, and that we had given him everything on a silver platter.

You probably already know this, but I have to tell you. Assumptions do nothing but make people look stupid! They make people look ignorant, and they are always rooted in judgment.

And can you guess what also showed through people’s comments about Roman buying a house? Jealousy. Think about it — a 15-year-old stepped up and bought a house. He did something a lot of people will never do. Don’t you think it would be better to encourage him? Don’t you think it would be more beneficial to say, “Good job, Roman! You are an investor instead of just a spender.”? But no! People let their jealousy and insecurity influence their assumptions, saying, “That’s impossible! A 15-year-old can’t buy a house!”

I want to pass this on to you because it really caused me to stop and think about some things. I didn’t react to the comments, even though some of the comments were all-out attacks on my family. It’s just so sad that this is where our country is today. It’s sad that people are so cynical that they can’t celebrate this 15-year-old who set a goal and achieved it, and is setting such an awesome example for kids and adults around the world. Hello, they could have asked questions so they could help their own kids do what Roman did. But instead, they made assumptions!

When someone makes an assumption, they really make themselves look like an idiot, and they make other people look bad as well. Assumptions destroy trust and they close your mind.

So do yourself a favor. Before you assume anything, think and ask questions! Do not be cynical and critical and assume you know the full story based on one little glimpse. That does not make you more valuable in the marketplace. What does make you more valuable is asking questions and giving people the benefit of the doubt. You can learn a lot from other people when you stop making assumptions about them.

Think about this today: Are there things you assume about your boss or co-workers or employees? Do you assume things about your spouse and kids? Do you assume things about your friends or people in your community? If you think someone else is an idiot, there’s a pretty good chance you have made some kind of assumption about that person. If you make judgments against another person, it has likely led you to make assumptions about them. It’s time to look in the mirror and put a stop to all the assumptions. Choose to rise to a higher level of leadership and become someone who pursues the truth instead of makes assumptions.

There are so many assumptions flying around out there. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone around you could take responsibility and have the maturity to not make assumptions about other people? My friend, it starts with you. All you have to do is forward this letter, post this link on Facebook and Twitter, or even print this out and pass it around at work. This truly could catapult you, your family, and your team into a whole new level of success.

I hope this has helped you today. I would really love to know your thoughts about today’s Daily Fix. Please leave me your comments below!

I can’t wait to talk to you this Sunday night for our nationally syndicated radio show at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT!


In great faith,


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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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