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How To Grow Your Bank Account & Avoid Financial Crisis

I want to tell you a story today. A story that I believe can save you a lot of hardship and heartache, if you choose to learn from my mistakes. […]

I want to tell you a story today. A story that I believe can save you a lot of hardship and heartache, if you choose to learn from my mistakes.

See, during my first 10 years of business, we made a lot of money. Many people called us rich, but we certainly didn’t feel rich (or how I thought rich would feel, anyway). I went from being homeless to being a millionaire in 2 years, and I spent the money just as fast. As I made more money, I spent more money.

My lifestyle grew with my income. I went from traveling coach on an airplane to flying 1st class. I went from McDonalds to 5-star restaurants. From JC Penney’s and Ross to Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks 5th Avenue. From Motel 6 to the presidential suite at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. From my little Hundai Excel GL to not 1 Mercedes-Benz, but 2 (one for me, and one the kids could ride in). I went from a small apartment to a $250,000 condo filled with expensive furniture (in a gated community, of course). I spent everything I made.

I somehow believed that the flood of money I had experienced was going to last forever. I saw it as a water faucet that would never run dry.

And then one day, I was embezzled for the second time. Ouch! I had a lot of expensive stuff, and no money. I had a $50,000 overhead each month between payroll and business expenses, and I had no income.

I wish I could say that I learned from this bad experience, but I didn’t. Hans and I picked ourselves back up, but a few years later, we did it all over again. This time, on a much larger scale.

We had a $900,000 mortgage. We went from no car debt to $70,000 of car debt. We went from no credit card debt to $30,000. (Do the math…that’s 1 million dollars of debt!)

We decided to move to a cheaper town, where we bought a house with 10 acres, a pool, tennis court, guesthouse, almost 6,000 square feet, 1,000 flowers that bloomed continuously, and a 4-car garage to fit 3 cars and more stuff. And now that we had a bigger house, of course we had to buy MORE stuff!

Right after we spent a small fortune remodeling our 3rd dream home, we hit some horrible, horrible hard times – again. I was diagnosed with a fatal heart condition the same day Hans lost ALL of our life savings in the stock market.

Long story short, my first decade of making money was all about getting rich quick, only to end up with major financial failures, a lot of pain and suffering, too much stuff, tons of debt, and stress I couldn’t handle.

There is a simple financial law that I learned years ago that has completely changed my finances and my life. It changed my family’s life. I have seen it change my clients’ lives.

It is a law that has made the last decade completely different for us. It has been a steady climb up. I’ve had so much less stress and more prosperity. But it didn’t just happen.

I have had 3 major financial corrections in my life because we were totally unfaithful with the money I had been given. We made more and spent it all. The bigger the paycheck, the bigger our lifestyle was. We were not faithful.

There is a financial law that says if you are faithful with what you are given, you will be given more. But those who are not faithful with the little they have, even what they have will be taken away.

If you live in the USA, you probably just experienced a budget cut – one you didn’t ask for. One our government promised they wouldn’t enforce for those who make less than $250,000 per year. You were not supposed to have an increase in taxes, and yet our politicians did what they said they wouldn’t do. Now, even minimum wage workers are getting less in their paychecks because of tax hikes by the government. They refuse to cut their spending, and they decided not to give themselves a budget cut, but to give you one instead.

All of this is a correction. Our government has not been faithful. Our citizens have not been faithful. So here comes the squeeze. America has over 16 trillion dollars of debt and that number is growing daily. The citizens are also in massive debt. US household debt rose from nearly zero in the 1950’s to 13 trillion in 2012.

For he who has not been faithful, that which he has will be taken from him and given to the one who has been faithful. He who has is going to be given much more.

My friend, which side of this equation do you want to be on? If you are on the wrong side, you must learn how to get on the right side.

We have been sold the so-called "American Dream". But what is that, anyway? We have become a distracted people, addicted to food, games, sports, entertainment, and stuff. We have become Rome. Rome was a powerful force that ruled the world, but it fell and is now a tourist attraction. We have got to get off of this deceptive track and start being faithful with the little things.

It is time to position yourself as the one who will receive because you have been faithful with what you have been given. I do not want you to face the painful correction that comes to those who are not faithful. Millions of people are out of work and on food stamps. People everywhere are hurting financially. Men, women, and children are feeling the squeeze. Families are completely heartbroken because they have lost everything.

I have been there. I have made so many mistakes, and I have learned from those mistakes. Please learn from my mistakes as well. Learn from the correction I have experienced through losing everything, including my money and my health.

You are reading this message today because you are being positioned to be the receiver and not the financial failure.

I believe there will be a remnant that will rise up and become financially responsible. They will be faithful with the little, and they will be given so much more. And I believe you are called to be part of that remnant.

You may not have been aware of this financial law before today, but now that you know, you can begin to follow it. And I promise, there are so many blessings in store for you when you are faithful with the small things. I’ve experienced it, and I want you to experience it as well.

Can you imagine if the whole world knew this?! Can you imagine if you knew this 10 years ago? It’s not too late. Please join me in spreading this message. Simply pass this along to your friends and family, and share this post on Facebook and Twitter. The world needs to know this, and you can help us make that happen.

I’d also really love to know your thoughts about this. Have you experienced financial correction or financial blessing? Please share your comments below.

Other than that, I hope you have a great day! I’m excited to see how you take this and apply it in your life. And Until next time, God bless!


In great faith,


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P.S. Don’t keep making the same financial mistakes. Getting on the right track is easier than you think.

Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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