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How To Kick Poverty Out And Accumulate True Wealth

Today I want to give you a short, but powerful message to help you start your week on the right track and in the right frame of mind that will […]

Today I want to give you a short, but powerful message to help you start your week on the right track and in the right frame of mind that will set you up for long-term success.

If you have spent any time with me, either on our website, on the LifeMap To Success, or in person at First Steps To Success, then you’ve heard me talk about the 2 populations that are present in the world today – the 98% and the 2%. If this is your first time hearing from me, you have no idea what I’m talking about, so let me get you up to speed.

98% of the population will be dead or dead broke by the age of 65, dependent on their family, friends, or the federal government as their main source of income. Only 2% is doing well financially.

There are many differences in these 2 populations, but the core, foundational difference is the way they think.

I want to give you one example of that today…

98% of the population wants to show off their “wealth.” They want to have the nice houses and the expensive cars. They want to make sure everyone knows how successful they are, so they spend all they make, just to put their so-called riches on display.

2%, on the other hand, keeps the cash. They know that wealth does not depend on how much money you make, but rather how much you keep.

So, what is wealth, really? What is your personal definition of wealth? What matters to you? What drives you?

True wealth, to me, is accumulating money without sacrificing my marriage, kids, health, or fun. It is crossing over from having to work non-stop for my money, to making money work non-stop for ME. It is also using your wisdom, knowledge, and skills to benefit others. It’s about using my life to benefit the lives of others.

But so many people are living under this grand illusion of what they think wealth means.

And I get it. I really do. I spent so many years caught up in my addiction to stuff. I had made millions of dollars, but I still had a poverty mindset because I was spending everything I made. And for what? To prove to myself and everyone else that I was no longer the failure everyone said I would be? But my stuff was choking out my life. I was miserable! I was living under this illusion of wealth that only ended up leading me into bondage.

But then I came into the revelation of what true wealth is. My husband, Hans, and I have learned how to position ourselves to succeed financially, and since then, we have been on a steady climb up.

Wealth is meant to be accumulated and passed down for generations to grow the wealth even bigger. I was accumulating stuff instead of wealth. But you kick poverty when you are able to keep the money. It has nothing to with how much you make. It has everything to do with how much you keep.

Today you have a unique opportunity to cross the line from 98% to 2% by choosing to leave the poverty mentality behind and stepping into a mindset that is geared toward true wealth.

You have to decide which side of the line you want to be on. Do you want to be part of the 98%, who only care about showing off their success and riches, or do you want to be part of the 2%, who care about creating wealth?

It’s time to destroy the illusion of riches and accumulate true wealth!

I hope today’s message has helped you. Please let me know if it did by leaving your comments for me on our social media sites. It would also be good to spread this around to your family, friends, company, and community. You can email it, as well as share this post with your friends and followers.


In great faith,

Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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