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How Your Example Shapes Your Children’s Future

As parents, we have a deep desire to see our children grow up to be honorable, responsible adults. We long to see our kids succeed financially, relationally, and in every […]

As parents, we have a deep desire to see our children grow up to be honorable, responsible adults. We long to see our kids succeed financially, relationally, and in every area of their lives. We have this hope that they will avoid the mistakes we’ve made, and they will far surpass our own level of success.

We do our best to give our children the best possible start in life. Sometimes we succeed in that, and other times we totally miss the mark.

Whether you make a conscious decision to set the best possible example for your kids or not, they are always watching you. And they will follow your example. No matter what kind of example you set, they will follow it.

That may give you shivers down your spine right now. But I promise, it’s okay. There is a reason you are reading this right now.

Kids see so much more than we realize. They catch on so quickly, and our habits soon become their habits. Our way of thinking quickly becomes their way of thinking.

Your kids are watching you, and they will do what you do. They will spend how you spend, talk how you talk, and eat how you eat.

When they see you stopping by the grocery store on your way home, buying more food when you have a pantry full of food, guess what message that sends to your kids? It tells them it’s okay to buy in excess just because you have the money. Or when you go shopping for yet another pair of black shoes or a new cell phone, and you whip out your credit card, you are showing them that it’s okay to go into debt for stuff.

How about this one… Do your kids see you spending too much time in front of the mirror or making negative comments about your weight or appearance? Do they see you spending hours at the gym? Or on the flip side, do they see you plop down on the couch to watch TV every day and never getting any exercise? Do they see you obsessing over food, either to one extreme or the other?

Do they hear you gossip about your boss or your co-workers? Do they hear you complain about what your boss said yesterday or how you hate your job? What about this one… "I hate Mondays!"

What I’m trying to say is your kids are watching what you do, and they will pick up your habits and mindsets. They will follow your example. These things are shaping their future and shaping the kind of person they will grow up to be.

In fact, this actually goes for leaders of companies, teachers, and businesspeople as well. This applies to employees, community leaders, and even kids and teens!

We are all products of our environment. Your employees are a product of their environment – your office. Your students are a product of their environment – your classroom. Your children are a product of their environment – you.

There are things in our lives that we never thought (consciously or subconsciously) would affect anyone other than ourselves. But the second you step into a leadership position, whether that role is as a mother, a manager, a teacher, a CEO, or a community leader, your life is no longer your own.

Some people may read this and break down in tears because they realize they have, without even knowing it, set an example for their kids that is not setting them up for success. Others will take this message as confirmation that they are on the right track, and they are giving their kids the best possible start in life.

Whichever category you fall into, know this: You are not held accountable for what you did not know.

But now that you have this information and you are aware that your actions have a massive impact in other people’s lives, you have to make a decision to set the right example. Be intentional in your words and actions. Those around you, especially your kids, are soaking it all up. They are watching you, and they will replicate you. So choose to set your kids up for success instead of unintentionally setting them up for failure.

I pray this message gives you hope today! I hope this has either reinforced some things for you or helped you start to build a solid foundation for your children. Either way, I want you to know that I believe in you. You are being prepared to raise smart, strong, successful kids, and I really believe that you can do it!

I also know people in our schools, churches, and communities desperately need to read this today. So let’s work together to spread this message to as many people as we can. Right now, go ahead and send this to at least 10 people (think friends, family, co-workers, kids’ teachers, other parents…). And then simply share this link on your Facebook and Twitter.

Please also let me know your thoughts about today’s Daily Fix. Tell me if you found it helpful at all. I would love to know. You can leave your comments below.

Other than that, God bless you, and we’ll talk again soon.


In great faith,


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P.S. Setting your kids up for success doesn’t have to be hard or scary. Not when you have a step-by-step guide that makes it simple…

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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