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Kill Your Debt, NOT Your Fun!

What you're about to read is going to change the way you think about money.

I am so excited about what we get to talk about today. I mean really excited. Because what you’re about to read is going to change the way you think about money. It’s going to change the way you think about your bank account, debt, and your entire financial life. It’s going to bring so much more FUN and FREEDOM into your life.

We talk a lot about debt and making money and investing here at If you’ve spent any time on our website, you’ve probably heard some of the stories like Ken, who paid off $10K of debt in 5 months and increased his sales by $1 million. Or Mia, who paid off $51K of debt in 9 months, and helped people in her community to pay off over $85K collectively.

We’ve helped tens of thousands of our clients pay off millions of dollars of debt by following a very simple step-by-step system. Their stories are proof that it works.

Now, if you are of that personality type that really thrives in fun and exciting tasks and environments, you are going to be so thrilled to find out that it’s not all just about numbers and budgets and systems, and it’s not boring! Actually paying off debt and living on a budget can be FUN. Really fun!

Yes, a big part of paying off debt or saving extra money or putting money into investments is cutting back on the "extras" in life. It’s so important to learn the difference between a necessity and a luxury, which I talk about in War on Debt. And when you become financially independent, go ahead and live your luxurious lifestyle and do whatever you want to do.

But most people have given up their financial freedom by spending all their money, and even going into debt, for little luxuries each week. They go to Starbucks on their way to work in the morning, have lunch at the restaurant around the corner from their office, and go to the grocery store on their way home to pick up some pre-packaged food for dinner. Then when they get home, of course, they spend a couple hours watching TV and surfing the internet, and maybe do a little bit of shopping online.

Most people are so surprised to find that they have an average of $500 of extra money that they’re wasting every month. When you choose to stop spending that money in stupid places and you apply that money towards your debt instead, you will find that your debt disappears very quickly and your bank account grows.

Yes, you have to follow the system. Yes, it takes discipline and persistence. And yes, you must consistently apply these principles over time if you want to see long-term results. But this doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun! This doesn’t mean that you never get to go to Starbucks anymore or you don’t get to go out with the guys or go shopping with friends.

While you’re in the process of paying off your debt, create a fun budget. This is literally a budget that you can use to do whatever you want with! You want to go out to eat? DO IT! You want to get some friends and go on a spontaneous night out on the town? Go have fun! You want to buy a new pair of shoes or new jeans? Go for it! You can even save it up for a few months to buy something big or go on a trip.

Your fun budget is a reward for doing such a great job at being financially responsible. It may be $25 a month or $100 a month. This is your "fun money".

When I was financially irresponsible, I would spend $25,000 a month on whatever I wanted. That usually meant clothes, jewelry, or eating out. But as I got wiser, I found that I don’t need to spend $25K on fun every month. I limited my fun budget to $100 a month!

The reality is, corporations are getting wealthy on our cravings. They are remaining wealthy because of our lack of self-control. You really have to stop and ask yourself, "Do I want to continue to make Wal-Mart a fortune? Do I want to keep handing all my money over to Starbucks or Macy’s or Costco? Is it really worth it for me to be broke, in debt, and a financial slave? Or do I want to build my own bank account and accumulate wealth?"

Imagine what would happen if you stopped spending money in stupid places, and decided to pay off your debt instead. Imagine if you took a small budget to have fun with, and then applied the rest of that extra money to investments. Imagine being able to take your family on that long-awaited dream vacation or knowing that you have the freedom to live the kind of life you want to live.

My friend, that is so possible! That can be your life! You can have that kind of freedom!

Ken and Mia, who I told you about earlier, are experiencing this freedom. So many more of our clients are experiencing it. Now it’s your turn! Do it for your family. Do it for your community. Do it for your future!

Speaking of your community… Wouldn’t you agree that this is a message your community really needs to hear? With so many people out there who are struggling financially, it’s really important for you and I to help to spread this message to them. Post this on Facebook and Twitter. Print this out and hand it to your co-workers and business partners. Read it to your family tonight at dinner.

This is a really great way to expand your influence and set you up as someone who truly cares about helping other people to succeed, and that has extremely high value in the marketplace!

I hope this has helped you to get in a good frame of mind to start a new week with. Can’t wait to connect with you again soon. And until next time, God bless!


In great faith,


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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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