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Remember To Dream, Before You Forget

Have you ever written down something that you said you wanted to do and then completely forgot about it? If you’re anything like me, you ABSOLUTELY have! Recently, Hans and […]

Have you ever written down something that you said you wanted to do and then completely forgot about it? If you’re anything like me, you ABSOLUTELY have!

Recently, Hans and I took our anniversary trip, sailing around the Mediterranean, soaking up two weeks of history, travelling from Istanbul, Turkey all the way through Greece, then Italy and ending up in Rome. Rome – first of all I was so shocked – it’s so stunning. Seeing the layers upon layers upon layers of history is just mind-boggling. You think you’ve seen enough history and enough theaters and enough 10,000 square foot houses like in the ruins at Ephesus, but it’s all just so beautiful and outrageous!

So now, we’re sitting in this little tiny café in Rome getting a bite to eat and, yes, it was phenomenal…oh wow, WOW, WOW! Ravioli (I love ravioli) and even though it’s one of my favorite things to put in my mouth, my waistline does NOT agree!

Anyway, there is a family sitting right next to us; it was two sons, a mom and a dad. By their accents, we knew right away they were from somewhere in the South… that accent is a dead giveaway. We strike up a conversation and it turns out that the mother started the trip with two weeks in France and her husband came over a week into the trip to join her.

Now they’re in Rome before going to all these other places. Guess what? This was the THIRD family I had just met who had done something like that. I met two mothers taking their daughters on the same sailboat trip we were on. Imagine, THREE times hearing about a mom taking her kids to Europe to explore together. In some cases the fathers joined and in others it was just a mom-daughter trip.

It reminded me of something I had written down – I don’t know how long ago – but it was one of those things in the back of my mind. I thought someday… SOMEDAY… that would be so cool for me to just take the kids exploring a new country. Now look, years have gone by and I still had not done it. As I talked about before in The Daily Fix, time is racing right by us. I think especially about my younger sons, they’re already 14 and 15, and before too much longer they’re not going to be in our home.

So as I was just sitting there, I turned to Hans and said that’s been on my list and I still haven’t done it. We’ve only got a few years left with the boys and he said, “Do it! Do it now, like as soon as you get home. Just change out your bags and just go. Take the kids and go enjoy yourself. If you want to go for a month, go for a month!”

And I know right now you’re thinking, “Gosh, Dani, that’s awesome! Good for you. But I could never do that.” Now you might have something that’s been on your list and it might be something that you think is just too far away or too big or it’s going to cost too much money or you’ll never be able to get the time off work or your business will never be where you want it to be or that it’s just never going to happen.

But you have to understand when I wrote that down, I thought I could never do that either. Listen, where you’re at right now is NOT where you’re going to be forever. If you consistently, day by day, move your life forward, and follow the instructions we make so readily and easily available, you CAN improve your finances, annihilate your debt, and better your relationships, career or business.

And, it’s just a matter of time before YOU are going to be in that position. You’ll already be enjoying a summer trip in Europe with the person you love more than any other human on earth. And in a casual, flippant conversation, you are reminded of this dream vacation to do just with your children and you still haven’t done it yet. Then, your husband or your wife will say, “Go do it! And go do it NOW!” Listen to me, that day WILL come for you. And you WILL have the time and resources to do it!

C’mon, I was a former homeless woman. I was a kid who was violently abused and growing up on welfare, we never went anywhere. I wasn’t even allowed to have friends over. And then I was making really bad, stupid choices. I thought I’d always make stupid choices they were going to shape the rest of my life.

Then, being introduced to the entrepreneur community got me to think different and I invested in seminars to learn new skill sets and grow my knowledge base, so I could become something different than I saw in my family.

Then, I failed again: in my first business and in my first marriage. After being left for another woman, $35,000 in debt with only $2.03 to my name and homeless, anyone could literally get into such a rut that you think…this is it! I remember thinking that way, “This is it. I’m always going to fail. I’m always going to make stupid choices. No one’s going to love me. I’m always going to be rejected. I’m always going to be hurting.” I remember ALWAYS thinking that way and finally getting upset enough with myself to say that’s it, enough is enough! And I stopped putting limitations on myself.

So I started my next business from the trunk of my car and a pay phone booth; I worked diligently with all I had learned that year before from those training seminars and those successful entrepreneurs. Now, building my business from NOTHING and making a quarter of a million dollars in my first year and my first million by the end of that second year, I haven’t stopped.

We continue to build businesses and have seven companies today in so many different fields. And it is such a blessing that I can do all this speaking for free. And the books I write and all the audios we have like War on Debt or Job Domination, I don’t get paid for any of that. All that money provides jobs and feeds 10,000 orphaned kids every single month over the world, including the United States and helps to free sex slaves. It’s such a beautiful thing to be in a position to draw incomes from so many different sources.

Even though we’re doing all those things, we also have enough money to go on a dream trip and to also have the freedom of time, on the spur of the moment, to just go. So whatever number of limits I put on that particular dream… and here’s a good one I had for a long time: Hans will never let me go and do that, so that’s never going to happen. And it wasn’t something he said, it’s something I had in my head and that limited me. I had to stop limiting myself. So, I’m encouraging you right now to tear down the limitations you have built. Because you have them, just as I had them — even at this stage in the game!

So don’t give up. Don’t limit yourself. Quit thinking that it’s never going to happen, like most people think. I used to think that way. I chose to STOP thinking that way and now I’m doing another thing that’s on my list. And maybe your dream isn’t to do that. Or, maybe it is or maybe it will became one after hearing this!

But in a few days, I’m leaving here on my dream of spending that amazing quality time with my kids and having a life experience. I’m taking Arika, who is 5 months pregnant, Roman who is 15, Micah who is 14, and we are leaving for Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Ireland and Iceland. And we’re going to be gone for 5 weeks, just the four of us.

We’ll be exploring cultures, tasting the foods, hearing the voices, hearing the tongues and accents, studying the history – the layers upon layers and thousands of years of history – in that part of the world. We’ll be studying the people to grow our understanding about life and civilizations and cultures to help us become a better people. I know it will impact our family so that we’ll think about how we want our family to be now and in the future.

And you’re giving the same message to your children. You’re telling them to dream. You’re sending the same message to those you work letting them know anything truly is possible if you’re willing to work diligently, to increase your skills and to persist. You CAN do anything!

All things are possible for those who believe. You’ve heard that before and I know, it’s cheesy but it works. You’re going to be living proof, if you’re not already, as I am living proof and I’m going to continue moving on from here.

I can’t wait for you to experience the pure of joy of knowing you wanted to do something, then going and doing it. Now, share those dreams and experiences with me! I can’t wait for you to send me pictures from wherever it is you’ve got on your wish list. And, don’t forget to inspire your friends and family, too, by forwarding this message and sharing on your socia media. God bless you and I look forward to spending this Sunday evening with you on the Dani Johnson Show. Have an awesome rest of your week!


In great faith,


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