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The Party Is Over

Have you ever had a hangover? I know that may have ruffled your feathers, and you’re saying, “Dani, how dare you! I’m a religious person. I’ve never had a hangover!” […]

Have you ever had a hangover? I know that may have ruffled your feathers, and you’re saying, “Dani, how dare you! I’m a religious person. I’ve never had a hangover!” But wait a minute! Why did you automatically assume I’m talking about alcohol? I’m just talking about a hangover!

Have you ever not gotten enough sleep one night, and felt hungover the next day? How was your performance at work? How was your patience at home with the family? Or what about a food hangover? We’ve all had those before! You know, you ate too much, and later that day or the next morning, you’re completely bloated and feel sick?

There’s another kind of hangover you may have had as well: A debt hangover.

My husband, Hans, and I had a conversation the other day, and he said, “Our country has a debt hangover right now.” Like most people with a hangover, they don’t feel very good and they regret it. But the thing is, most people blame the hangover. Only a few say, “Wait a minute… What did I do to make my body feel like this?”

So I’m going to ask you the same question about your debt today. Do you have a debt hangover? How does it feel? Does your head hurt? Does your body ache? Is your patience running low? Are you just not on the top of your game?

If you want to succeed in life, you’ve got to be on your game. You cannot keep abusing debt and expect to be on your game. Just like you can’t keep abusing alcohol and perform optimally at work.

I have a friend who used to “drunk dial”. Meaning, she would get drunk all the time and just start calling people. It’s quite hilarious when you answer the phone because they slur their words.

Just imagine… Your phone rings and you say, “Hello?” and you hear, “Hiiiii, hoowwwwziiiit gooing? Yuuuurr so awwwwesome! Howwwz the kidsss? Did yooou get a newww doggg?” That’s a drunk dialer.

Debt dialers are exactly the same as a drunk dialer. “I just bought this totally awesome blouse!” “I just found out about this great sale on shoes!” “OOOOOOH my gosssssh! I just bought a new car!!!” That’s a debt dialer.

Do you see the similarities? They are chasing an emotional high. They are using the substance of food or alcohol or a credit card as an escape from being responsible, making good choices, and doing the right thing. They may be trying to cover up some kind of pain. Or they may just be looking for a good time.

And for some people, that comes from buying things they don’t need and cannot afford. Instead of living below their means, they’re blowing out their means like you blow out a pair of pants, and they end up showing parts of themselves they shouldn’t show.

My friend, do you have a debt hangover? I would highly recommend you do what I shared earlier in this letter – look at the habits that caused the hangover and make some adjustments. Make a decision to learn how to get out of debt. Learn how to become financially responsible. Learn how to come out of that emotional spending that causes you to waste money on food, Starbucks, clothes, shoes, new cars, bigger houses, new furniture, redecorating your house.

It’s easy to spend foolishly just because it may give you a rush. But then you end up with a debt hangover when you get the bill, and you have to pay your debt for years. How does that make you feel? You certainly don’t feel good about yourself. It’s the same as when you drink too much or eat too much or didn’t get enough sleep. It gives you a bellyache, it stresses you out, and it does not set you up for success.

It’s time to go from a debt hangover to financial independence. And to get there, it requires a totally different lifestyle. It’s a completely different way of thinking. And I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re not going to learn that on your own. I didn’t learn it on my own – I was taught by multimillionaires who were financially independent.

The true millionaires we’ve met through the years have completely different ways of making decisions and thinking about things. So to go from being in debt to financial independence, that’s the bridge you have to cross.

Listen, if you are already a War on Debt soldier, I’m so proud of you! This is just a reminder for you today, to keep you on track and focused. You’ve experienced a debt hangover, and you’ve said, “No more!”You are already retraining your mind to be part of that very different population who has a unique way of doing things.

I have to tell you about my friend Capri. She didn’t have $99 because she spent money foolishly, but she put War on Debt on her credit card, and that was a very wise investment. The very first week she used the War on Debt system, her family saved $500 just at the grocery store! (Did you catch that? War on Debt paid for itself 5 times over the first week!) Capri and her husband Darrin have paid off $237K of debt in 2 1/2 years and are now completely debt-free!

But this just scratches the surface of War on Debt. If you stopped after War on Debt, you’re missing out! There’s another step to annihilating debt, staying out of debt, and becoming financially independent. That is the Debt Elimination & Financial Independence Teleseminar. That program is far over and above War on Debt, and it is your next step if you are already a War on Debt soldier.

If you have not yet gotten a hold of War on Debt, come on! It’s time to dry up from this hangover and take your financial life seriously. Not just for you, but for your family. They are watching you and following in your footsteps. You do NOT want to pass on a debt hangover to your kids! You do not want to pass on financial struggle to your family.

So choose to be a great financial example for your family and community! You can start by simply passing this message along to your friends and co-workers. (Either email this link to them, or post it on Facebook and Twitter!) It would also be wise to talk about this with your family tonight at the dinner table. Together, we can help our nation come out of their massive debt hangover!


In great faith,


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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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