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"You Want Me To Buy A Bag Of WHAT?!"

Good morning! I hope you’re having a great Tuesday so far. Today’s Daily Fix is going to be a little different than you’re used to seeing every day. There is […]

Good morning! I hope you’re having a great Tuesday so far. Today’s Daily Fix is going to be a little different than you’re used to seeing every day.

There is a concept I talk about frequently, and it can be summed up in this: Facts tell, stories sell. I’ve done quite a bit of training on this topic, because stories and testimonials are so, so important – especially in business.

But today I want to help you understand why. I want to give you a different perspective on this topic. One of our writers, Mary, had an experience last week that she wanted to share with you today. I believe it will help you understand what is in the mind of your prospects and clients. And once you understand that, you will be able to meet their needs, and it will increase your bottom line.

So go ahead and read below, and then share this with your friends, family, co-workers, and business partners. (And don’t forget to post it on Facebook and Twitter as well!) Please also leave your comments below. I’d love to know your thoughts about today’s Daily Fix.


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Hey there! If I haven’t had the honor of meeting you yet, my name is Mary Howard, and I’ve been hanging around the community for almost 2 1/2 years now (first as a client, then as part of the DJC team).

Today I want to share an experience with you that I believe can show you more of what is going on in your clients’ and prospects’ minds. Something I’ve heard Dani say over and over again is, "Facts tell, stories sell."

I’ve heard Dani do some great training on how to use testimonials to frame your prospect’s mind and position your product or service to meet their needs. I’ve seen her use testimonials consistently, both in live training with her clients, in day-to-day dealings with her staff, and in everyday life. You can’t go on a single page of Dani’s website without seeing testimonials. I hear testimonials every day as I walk through the halls here at our office, whether my co-workers are talking to each other or to our clients. Testimonials are truly part of the environment here at

Now, it’s one thing to hear it, but it’s an entirely different thing to really know it. With everything Dani teaches, I do my best to apply it to my own career, finances, relationships, and life. And even if something doesn’t apply directly to me, it is usually fairly simple to find a way to make it apply.

I’ve had plenty of opportunities to apply this concept of "facts tell, stories sell," and I have been able to use testimonials to my advantage, thanks to the training Dani has done on this.

But last Wednesday evening, I had an experience that allowed me to see the other side of this concept. I experienced the consumer’s side of the story.

Last week, my awesome friend and phenomenal co-worker, Rayven, and I were looking at an internet service we were considering using for a little side project we’re working on. We were having a really hard time figuring out if this particular service actually offered everything it said it did.

Obviously before you invest any amount of money into something, you want to check it out thoroughly and do your own research to find out if it’s actually going to give you the kind of results you’re looking to get. So that’s what Rayven and I were doing.

But we kept running into this one issue, this one blockage, and it was really frustrating for both of us.

Because here’s the thing… You can do all the research you want to do and look at the facts and figures on the website of whatever product or service you’re using. You can read their entire website, but if you don’t know that it has worked for other people, how likely are you to actually purchase it?

As we were doing our research, we started looking for testimonials. We were looking for stories from people who have used this particular service and have gotten results.

And when I say results, I don’t mean, "I loved it!" Heck, I couldn’t care less that you liked it or enjoyed using it. I want to know what your results are. Did it make you money? Did it teach you a certain skill that got you results? I want proof! And the proof is in the results.

So on the flip side… If you are a business owner or someone who is trying to market a product or service, put testimonials on your website! Tell your clients and prospects testimonials. Feed them stories. Because what’s in every potential buyer’s mind is, "Is this going to work for me?"

Rayven and I could not find real, concrete results for this internet service. It caused frustration because there was nothing to back up any of the claims this particular website advertised, and we were not willing to spend money without knowing whether or not it really works. Instead, we kept looking until we found somewhere that had testimonials to prove their service works.

Here’s the bottom line: It doesn’t matter if you’re selling skincare, housecleaning services, internet services, spaceships, or a bag of manure! People want to know if it’s going to work for them.

In fact, here’s another example… I decided to plant a small garden last weekend. My mom went to Home Depot with me to pick up a few supplies, because to be completely honest, I’ve never planted anything in my entire life. We were discussing everything I needed to buy, and when she got to "bag of composted manure", I said, "WHOA! You want me to buy a bag of crap?"

She proceeded to tell me that after using composted manure in her garden, her plants really took off and grew like crazy. She didn’t tell me how it works or why it works – she told me that, in her experience, it works. She told me her results.

So, other than being a little grossed out by the fact that I was buying a bag of poo, I gladly bought it and used it in my garden. And what convinced me to pay money for a bag of manure? Testimonials.

I really hope this helps you today. I hope it at least gives you a look into the mind of your prospective buyers and helps you to understand why testimonials are so important. Because what Dani says really is true. Facts tell, stories sell.

To your success,

Mary Howard
Content Writer

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