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Are You Hiding Behind An Excuse?

It's never the circumstances in life that determine your success, it's how you deal with those circumstances.

Everywhere you look, people are struggling financially. People always blame their job, their boss, their family or the economy for their current set of circumstances. While all of these things may have an impact on your life, nobody controls your life but you!

It’s never the circumstances in life that determine your success, it’s how you deal with those circumstances. But I can tell you, excuses and blame will never get you results. You get comfortable staying exactly where you are and just writing off success as “not for you.”

I had an image up on my Facebook page awhile back that said “You can design your life to be whatever you want it to be!” One comment said, “This is not true…I am unemployed and have no experience in the areas where there is work, so I can’t do what I want to do. This is reality…not a false hope building statement.” Later he said, “Life is impossible, unless you have money.”

I’ve also read dozens of comments from folks who blame their spouse for their financial situations! “Oh, I’m trying to save, but my husband spends constantly.”

I want you to see how these are both excuses. Because here is what happens. You have this mindset that you can’t do anything about the fact you are unemployed or you can’t change your spouse’s spending. With this mindset, you allow yourself TO DO NOTHING. It turns into this cycle of blaming, staying stuck and continuing to blame, without trying to improve yourself.

When I was first hired by JCPenney, I had zero skills. I was a dropout! HELLO! You do not need specific experience or skills sets to get a job.

The truth is, YOU are in control of how much money is in your bank account. My husband and I don’t always agree on finances, but I am responsible to keep myself on track regardless of his choices. I don’t look at his spending and use it as an excuse to go shopping online.

Instead of focusing on what is keeping you back, focus on how you can get around it. How can you increase your skill sets now to prepare for the job you want? How can you increase your bank account numbers now?

Take comfort in the fact no one taught you those skills! I wasn’t taught how to make money, how to keep it or how to spend it wisely. But that wasn’t the economy’s fault. That was my lack of knowledge. Instead of blaming others, work toward the skill sets you need to succeed now.

Stop using other people as a scapegoat for your lack of knowledge or skill sets! Let me know your thoughts in the comments and remember to Like and Share today’s post to share this message.

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In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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