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Finding A Real Man In An Emasculated Society

What makes a real man? Are there specific characteristics that define a man?

What makes a real man? Are there specific characteristics that define a man? Especially in today’s world where many men have been emasculated, told they are useless, or even written off as just sperm donors.

The media shows us two depictions of men. The first is a lazy deadbeat who lounges around in front of the TV with a bag of chips and a beer. On the other side of the equation is this James-Bond-like character who is super-fit, saves the day and the perfect romantic lover. And BOTH of these are totally unrealistic!

It’s created a negative and emasculating society. A lot of people have major issues, harbor unforgiveness or distrust against men. Maybe you think only females have issues with  males, but trust me plenty of men have trust issues against their own gender, as well.

If you are someone who has these issues, guess what… you are limiting your earning power, your relationships, your career growth and maybe how you parent your male child.  You’re not getting out of this life without having to deal with men on a daily basis. They’re about 50% of the world’s population; chances are pretty good you will run into them!

This has a huge impact amongst spouses. I, like the media, used to emasculate Hans daily in my own marriage.  And when you destroy someone’s identity through your mouth, they will become confused, weak, unmotivated. But men have been called by God to protect, provide and lead. That’s not to say women cannot also do all those things, but our culture has become obsessed with being the one who has all the power in relationships. When it should really be about serving each other.

Last week, I spoke with a father named Chad from Minnesota. He is currently raising several boys and finds the emasculation of men and what truly defines a man important in how he grooms his kids.  He shared, “I grew up in the 70s when gender roles were being totally gutted. Everyone around me was big tough guys:  farmers, workers, athletes and I was an artist.”  Chad constantly struggled with a clashing vision of his identity. They questioned his sexuality AND manhood constantly.

And now that he is raising boys, more than ever he feels the need to be a good role model and help them understand what truly makes a man.

His opinion on what defines a real man was, “For me the biggest thing is that a man needs to take responsibility and be a man of character. Whether you are tough or tender, and you need both from the men in today’s world.” Which is so true! The greatest man who ever walked this earth was equated to both the lion and the lamb! Our savior Jesus Christ was gentle, tender, tough and strong!

Listen, men are people, women are people. If you plan to have success in any area of your life you have to figure out how to move past these issues and understand people better.

What characteristics do you think make a real man? Let me know in your comments! I want to hear from both men and women! Help me support a society that is encouraging our men instead of emasculating them. Pass today’s message on to your circle of influence and let our men know we need them; they are more than just sperm donors.

Let’s head into the end of your week on a strong note. Join us and come chat on The Dani Johnson Show today at 12 pm ET/11 am CT. You can tune into the show on either your TV or radio and please remember you can always stream today’s show right on our website.

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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