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How "Loudly" Are Your Actions Speaking?

Maybe you don't think you have influence in your position or life. But the truth is, every decision you make has a huge effect on the people around you...

What do you think about influence? Maybe you don’t think you have any in your position or in your life. But the truth is, every decision you make has a huge effect on the people around you… especially your kids. Every time you degrade yourself in the mirror, gossip about your boss or talk about what foods you like, you are influencing their future.

Whether you are making a conscious effort or not to set the best possible example for your kids, they are always watching you. And they WILL follow your example.

Your kids see more than you realize and they catch on so quickly. Your habits will soon become their habits. The way you react in circumstances shows them how to react. How you eat will show them how to eat. That’s pretty powerful stuff!

Consider the example you are setting for your kids in these areas of your life:

Relationships. Think about how you react when you are angry or upset. Are you putting forth the example of someone who is in control of their own spirit? If you have a “10” reaction to a “2” offense, your kid is watching that and mentally filing it for future reference! How do they view marriage when they see your interactions with your spouse? You are setting the ultimate example for all their present and future relationships and marriage.

Work Ethic. You also shape their work ethic. Are you constantly complaining about your job and boss at the dinner table? Do you pout about Mondays and live for the weekend? You have to treat your job like the privilege it is! Having a job in this market is a blessing. Treat it like one, instead of making your child fear the day they have to start working. Unless, of course, you want them to sleep in your basement well into their 30s.

Body Image. Do you spend too much time front of the mirror making negative comments about your body? Most women pass their body issues onto their daughters. If you obsess over food, they will as well.

And for the men – what example are you setting? Do you push yourself at the gym or just plop in front of the TV and watch your gut grow? These habits have an equally major effect on your son.

Money. One of the harshest habits to impact your child’s future would be your spending habits. Simple things like buying more groceries when there are tons of food already in the house, eating out frequently or complaining about having “nothing to eat” while staring at a fridge full of leftovers, are all things they will pick up on!

The actions you see in your kids today are more than likely things you taught them when they were young. But it isn’t too late to sit down with your kids, apologize for the example you have set and start moving forward. It’s okay to be honest with your kids about your finances, relationships or whatever else is going on in your life.

We all have poor habits, make poor choices on occasion and unintentionally pass on things we never would have imagined to our kids. In your life have you ever stopped and exclaimed, “Holy crap, I’m my mom” after uttering a similar phrase she always used?

Look, parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual. A lot of things you pick up as you go, but you also don’t have to go blindly.

Tell me about some “Holy crap” moments you’ve had while raising kids. I KNOW you have them! Leave me your comments below and be sure to Like and Share today’s message with your circle of influence.

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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