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Mindset Over Money Is Your Key To Being Debt-Free!

At some point, most everybody has heard the concept of “mind over matter.” The idea is to mentally “will” yourself to resist some sort of temptation or peer pressure…be it creamy chocolate while you’re dieting or buying a new pair of shoes that aren’t in your budget. However, while our society values (and rewards) the results of sticking to your diet, the opposite seems to be true when it comes to sticking to your budget! In fact, a full 60% of Americans live “paycheck-to-paycheck” and the shame felt by those just two generations ago about carrying debt, is now completely acceptable to most Americans today. What has occurred to bring about this major shift in mindset and can we use that same willpower to stick to a “debt diet”?

Check out this classic episode of The Dani Johnson Show as Dani uncovers the dramatic shift in attitudes toward debt today and how we’ve warmly embraced a whole new type of slavery in our country!

Additional Resources

10 Step Battle Plan– This step-by-step program shows you just what you need to get your finances under control, stop going further into debt and never return to broke again!

LifeMap To Success – Learn how to live a life where you’re not just surviving, but THRIVING…with skills for any economy, peaceful relationships, inspiration to grow, and more than enough money to do what you love….while making a difference in the world.

First Steps To Success — You have the power to thrive and claim a life of enjoyment – regardless of the circumstance. You can create success in your business or career right now. Your relationships and marriage can thrive. You can be unstoppable – no matter what your life looks like today, the power to create a better tomorrow starts now. During First Steps To Success, Dani helps you get unstuck so you can claim the life of freedom that you deserve. Join us…you have nothing to lose!

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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