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Where Do You Turn When No "Choice" Seems Right?

How do you feel about “gray” areas? I know there is a big chunk of people out there who can’t stand them! Is that you? Is everything really black and […]

How do you feel about “gray” areas? I know there is a big chunk of people out there who can’t stand them! Is that you? Is everything really black and white?

One of the toughest things in life is understanding things are not always black and white. Every once in awhile you’ll find yourself between a rock and a hard place. These situations can make it so difficult to pick the right choice!

For example, a little while ago Shenesha Taylor, a homeless single mom, was in the news after being arrested. She left her two children in the car with the windows cracked while in a job interview. There was no one to babysit her kids, but at the same time she was trying to find a way to provide for her family. She was charged with child abuse.

One New Jersey mother saw the tear-streaked mugshot and started a fundraiser for Shenesha. The original fundraiser was for $9K to cover her bail, but people from across the country have donated over a $100K to the homeless mother.

Obviously, there are two sides. One point of view says there is never an excuse to leave the kids alone; the other side takes into account that this woman is struggling to improve her life and provide for her family. While you always a choice, sometimes there isn’t a clear “right” or a clear “wrong” decision.

Have you ever felt desperate before? Backed into a corner where there just isn’t a right choice? You are NOT alone! So what are you supposed do you do in that situation?

I’ve felt that desperation before, I’ve been there before! I ended up homeless after I had moved to Hawaii with my then-husband, who then abandoned me. I truly had no one to support me and I was alone. The only thing that got me out of that place was a voice in the back of my head telling me “enough was enough.” I was sick of the desperation.

Even growing up, I never had the support of my family. And unfortunately, I can’t tell you how to make tough decisions in life. But I can tell you what has guided me endlessly.

  1. God: I’m not sure what you believe, but my faith and relationship with my Creator has saved me from the darkest of places. Even when I’m not sure which decision to make, I rely on Him and I use wisdom from the Bible to help figure out which way God is pointing me.
  2. Community: I am so lucky to have the great support of not only the best husband in the world but a whole community of like-minded individuals. Do you have a community? Not like people live by you, but a community of people around you who have your back, support you and can speak life into your life!

Do you see how a “community” rushed to the support of Shenesha? People from all over the country rallied to her aid after hearing her story. If you aren’t sure who to turn to, I definitely suggest getting tuned into the one I’m fortunate enough to share! If you are interested in a supportive community that has a different mindset about life and focused on bettering their lives and the lives of everyone around them, look no further!

I hope this encouraged you today. I know it’s already Thursday but the week isn’t quite over yet! Thanks for dropping by and please leave me your comments below and Like and Share this message. Don’t forget to join me this afternoon at 12 pm ET/11 am CT for The Dani Johnson Show. You can find the show on your radio and please remember you can always stream the show right here on our website. I can’t wait to spend this time with you!

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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