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3 Tips To Revitalize Your Goals

In the business world, this is the time to review accomplishments during the first quarter and to identify goals to focus on in the second quarter... known as "quarterly goals."

There is never a bad time to set a new goal. In the business world, goals are set each quarter. The benefit of setting goals on a quarterly basis is they are something you can focus on short-term. You aren’t just sitting around procrastinating for half the year saying, “I still have plenty of time to accomplish that.” On top of that, you can look back at the last quarter and evaluate what worked – and what didn’t.

When you figure out what doesn’t work, you can adjust the next term’s goals and set yourself up to succeed. Starting today, right now, start to adopt this quarterly mindset. If you aren’t using this in your business or career, you should be! But more than that, you can use it in your everyday life for your personal goals, as well.

While you think about how to move forward this year, consider these three things:

  1. Take a look back at the past three months. What did you actually accomplish? What were you hoping to accomplish, but didn’t? What worked and what didn’t? Write it all down!
  2. Evaluate. If something didn’t work, how will you change things to see real progress? If you had a goal to lose weight and did nothing the last three months, is it realistic to believe you will reach your overall goal in the next three months, before bikini season? You might need to adjust or decide it’s something you really want to get done.
  3. Re-prioritize! Put those high-priority goals first and make those your MAIN focus for the next 3 months. If there are a few goals that would be better accomplished later in the year, give yourself permission to not stress about them. You might also consider breaking up your original goal into smaller ones and focusing on accomplishing one of those smaller goals each quarter.

When you reevaluate and re-prioritize your goals, you refocus! That extra motivation will help keep you on track and moving forward at a steady pace. If you try to accomplish everything at once, you are setting yourself up to fail. That is a recipe for burnout, split vision and indecisiveness.

Even worse, when you fail to accomplish your goals, it conditions you to NOT set any goals. I mean, why keep setting goals and never accomplishing anything? Oh man, if that is your current mindset, it’s time for a new one! That is an excuse! While we’re at it, saying you don’t have the time to do anything else is also a huge excuse.

I hope this message inspired you to set a new goal!

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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