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Kick Your Insecurities In The Teeth!

It’s so important to identify your insecurities, in advance, so when they arise you know how to deal with them. Do not run and hide from your insecurities – it’s time to attack them head-on!

Are you driven by your insecurities? Believe it or not, there was a time in my life when that’s all that drove me. My insecurities stemmed from my childhood, when I felt like I would never measure up, never be good enough or smart enough. I felt like I was not, and would never be, successful.

That type of insecurity can rule your life, and in most cases, you’re unaware it’s even happening. I’ve watched a lot of people, like myself, live their lives based on insecurities.

Insecurity can cause you to be a bully, throw your weight around and be a tyrannical ruler. It can bury you, cause you to hide under a mat and then allow people to walk all over you. Insecurities can drive you to purchase things you think will make you feel better. They can cause you to wear certain clothes so people will accept you… or so you will accept yourself.

Insecurities can cause you to hate other people or treat them with rudeness, hostility, dishonor and disrespect. They can also cause you to strive for success, to the point where you lose sleep at night, because you constantly think, reevaluate, contemplate and plan ways to reach your goals.

Insecurities can kill relationships with your spouse and kids, while also killing your career or business.

I heard a saying 25 years ago: “Your income follows your personal growth, your personal development and your leadership.”

It’s so important to identify your insecurities, in advance, so when they arise you know how to deal with them. The fact is, your income always follows your personal growth.

And not only that, but if your income somehow spikes and your personal growth is not equal to your income, I guarantee you, your income will fall back down to match your level of personal growth. That’s how it works! If you manage to increase your income, but are filled with insecurity – wanting what everyone else has, trying to cover up how you really feel about yourself with expensive purchases, trying to prove to yourself (and to everyone else) you are successful – you will not maintain that higher level of income.

I’ve been following a story for a while now, and it’s actually a great example of this. A certain musician built quite a following and found numerous investors to sponsor him and help him to become a very successful performer. He raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and put himself in the right place at the right time – with the right producers – and got signed by a big label. This musician has overwhelming talent. His first album produced big hits and his band went on tour.

Unfortunately, at his level of personal growth, he was not ready to handle all of the recognition that came with the concerts, music videos and thousands of screaming fans. His character – who he really was inside – began to show. He started mistreating people and turned into a controlling bully. He attempted to demonstrate his “power” by degrading other people. He became a tyrant and abused the people who helped to get him where he was. At the same time, he became very foolish with his finances.

And recently I found out this man’s label actually dropped him, so he isn’t touring anymore because his label doesn’t want to work with him.

Think about how many times you’ve heard that kind of story. Another well-known example is Steve Jobs. In his first couple of decades, he was known as a tyrant. It even reached a point where his own company actually fired because of his terrible people skills. Not only did he lose his company, but he lost his friends. Why? Because he didn’t have the character to maintain his success, deal with any problems or honor these people.

He was away for a long time, and when he came back, he became outrageously successful because he had increased his level of personal growth.

So right now, I want you to evaluate your own insecurities. What drives you every day? Do you have a tendency to be a bully – or a doormat – due to insecurities? Do you chase things because you think they will help you feel better or prove to others you are successful?

That’s how I was, and it was the most hollow time in my life. I hated myself and my life when I chased success. I’m so glad I made the major change in my life to deal with my insecurities.

Whether you realize it or not, your insecurities hurt your marriage, your kids and your coworkers. They hurt your finances and your future. Do not run and hide from your insecurities – it’s time to attack them head-on! Get counseling if you need to. Join me at the next First Steps To Success event, where we deal with those issues that always seem to pop up and cause problems in our lives. If you want long-term success, you’ve got to increase your personal growth!

Take a moment today to share this message with everyone around you. I know your fondest wish is to see your friends, family and coworkers succeed… just as I want to see you succeed. So print this out and pass it around your home or office today, forward the email and share this link on your Facebook and Twitter. Then let me know what insecurities you struggle with, in the comments below.

Then, join me today for The Dani Johnson Show, when we discuss more tips and strategies that will benefit you – and those around you! You can tune in on your TV and radio or you can always stream today’s show right here on our website.

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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