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Be Your TEAM’S Cheerleader & YOU Could End Up On Top!

While every person at work has different roles, you ALL are (or SHOULD be) working toward the same goals. So set the tone for YOUR team, because being an advocate for your team will always pay – LITERALLY!

If you are a person of influence – and you are… even if you didn’t realize it – one of your most important skill sets is your ability to lead! You may work for somebody else. Maybe you aren’t even the “lead” of your team, but that’s not important in this discussion!

Guess what – it doesn’t even matter if you have the “leader” title! You can be a leader in your family. You can be a leader in your school classroom. And especially in your office, you can be a leader… even if you aren’t “the boss!” Your position does NOT determine your leadership, how you choose to lead in whatever position you have DOES.

Just as you don’t need the title to be a “leader,” being the boss doesn’t automatically mean you’re a leader, either. Too often, we have a problem with a lot of people calling themselves “leader,” when they’re just in it for the title. It’s a label that gets thrown around, abused and overused, while the people with great influence just sit down. It’s time to step-up, friend!

The world needs real leaders! You need to adopt an ownership mindset – that determines a TRUE leader! Whatever your role in your team, your family, your class or your company, you should take pride in the results! Make the success of your team the most important part of your job.

Part of creating this frame of mind involves becoming an advocate for your teammates. Every person in the company has a different job description or role, but you all are (or should be) working toward the same goals.

Let me encourage you today to set the tone for your company or team. Maybe you’ve made judgments about your coworkers or leaders, but you need to shift your focus. Instead of following the lead, become your own lead.

Start a new mindset in your company, where your team edifies people and works with diligence. Remember, you don’t have control over how others act, but you do have control over your own actions and mindset. People in your circle of influence, including those in charge of promotions, hiring and maybe bonuses, WILL take note of it!

I know having a job in today’s economy is a blessing in itself, but it usually means you ended-up somewhere you never imagined. I just want to remind you – regardless of the job you may have – to be a leader! Don’t be just another employee who acts ungrateful for their job. That’s a fast-track to a dead-end career. But being an advocate for your team and company will always pay – literally!

If you put the success of the team as your main goal, you will also see great success in your personal and business relationships. Think of your friends and family as a team working toward a mutual goal! How are you going to step-up into leadership today? Let me know in your comments below and be sure to share today’s message. True leadership isn’t about just being in the spotlight or having the title! Encourage those around you to step-up, as well.

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In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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