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Buried Alive By Debt? You CAN Dig Yourself Out: PART II

We've discussed the physical "FEEL" of debt: Draining. Suffocating. Humiliating. Exhausting. Shameful. Paralyzing. Hopeless. BURIED ALIVE...and today, we're handing you that "shovel" you so desperately need!

Last week, you and I began a rather “heavy” conversation. I didn’t want to overburden you with too much information in one day, because I wanted you to really be able to take it all in… without getting overwhelmed.

In “Part I” we began to dig down to the root of your financial challenges. We discussed the feelings and problems caused by debt, and why, no matter how hard you try, debt continues to be a problem in your life.

We’re going to pick up right where we left off, and I’ll give you some very clear, very simple, steps to help you not only annihilate your debt, but to utterly destroy the mindsets that caused your financial hardships in the first place.

If you missed “Part I” or would like a refresher before we move on, please take a few minutes to read it now.

So, how can you overcome the pain, pressure and anxiety of debt? How do you move forward and leave this burden in the past?

Step 1: Forgive yourself.

No matter how you got into the position you’re in today, whether it was student loans, stupid purchases, medical bills or credit cards, YOU are the one who put yourself under pressure. YOU are the one who made yourself feel the pain of the debt. Whether from a lack of knowledge or financial training, you still made choices that put you under this crushing pressure. So, choose to forgive yourself.

Forgive yourself for allowing yourself to be pressured by debt, for allowing yourself to give in to anxiety, fear, worry and even depression. Forgive yourself for relying on the coping mechanisms you’ve used. Go down the list of the feelings and problems caused by debt you made during Part I, and forgive yourself for each one of them.

Forgiveness tears down the walls you’ve built in your own mind, which kill your ability to make, keep, and grow, money.

Step 2: Take personal responsibility.

Your money problems are yours. They do not belong to anyone else. It’s time to take personal responsibility for your debt.

It’s easy to say, “My parents didn’t teach me how to manage my money,” or “I had to go to college, so of course I have student loans! It’s not MY fault…” or even, “I can’t help the fact I have medical bills! It’s not like I PLANNED to get sick!”

But the thing is, even if your parents didn’t teach you about money when you were young, it’s up to you to learn now that you’re an adult! Even though you may not have planned to have all those medical bills, it doesn’t change the fact they are your responsibility.

So, whether your debt is from stupid purchases, school loans, medical bills, etc., it’s time to stop blaming other people or your circumstances and take responsibility. If you don’t take personal ownership of your financial problems, you will never be able to move on to Step 3, which is where you actually change your financial situation.

Step 3: Take action!

Now it’s time to get busy. It’s time to deal with those “root issues” and tackle your debt once and for all! It’s time to change your mindset, change your habits, change your beliefs about money.

Three types of people are reading this right now. Two of the three types are headed in the same direction… but at very different speeds.

The first person says, “Eh, thanks… but no thanks. I’m doing okay just as I am.”

The second person says, “This sounds great, and I wish I could afford to DO something about my financial troubles. I’m so buried by my debt, I don’t know what to do!”

The third person is ready to jump in with both feet, saying, “I’m in, let’s go! Tell me what to do, and I’ll do it! I’m ready to leave this pain, worry, anxiety and pressure behind – FOR GOOD!”

If you’re Person #1, I bless you as you go on your way. Please know we are here to help you with whatever we can and wish you the best.

If you’re Person #2, there are thousands of hours of free audio and video trainings, as well as several thousand articles on this site, just waiting for you to dig in! It may be the slower route, but they will get you moving in the right direction… and here’s a great place to start!

I also encourage you to get your hands on my FREE eBook, First Steps To Wealth”… packed with strategies to help you in every area of your life, including specific, step-by-step instructions to help you get (and stay) out of debt!

If you’re Person #3, and dead-serious about digging yourself OUT of that grave of debt, here are two items for your “to-do” list today:

  1. If you don’t already have the book First Steps To Wealth”… get your physical copy today, along with tons of digital bonus trainings to help you along the way. If I were you, I’d be pulling out some highlighters and using this book as a guide to help you navigate your finances, as well as, every other area of your life!
  2. Get your hands on “War On Debt”, a proven system that has helped people worldwide, to annihilate all of their debt (including mortgages!) within 5-7 years or less.

My friend, I know debt hurts. I know, because I once was there, myself. But I also know how amazing it feels to be totally FREE from debt! There is nothing like the rush of complete financial independence. Imagine not being afraid to open the bills in the mail… imagine not having to avoid the calls from the debt collectors… imagine the peace of knowing you are financially secure… and I want ALL that for you!

I pray both parts of this message gave you hope, by helping you identify some of the mindsets and beliefs holding you back. And I can’t wait to hear your story, as you begin to dig out of your “debtor’s grave!”

So, please leave your comments below! Believe it or not, I actually check all of the comments and love reading what you have to say. If today’s message helped you in any way, let me know! If you have questions, I’ll be happy to give it my best shot with answers. And if you’re feeling the pain of debt, let me know that, too. I look forward to reading your feedback today.

And remember to join me today for The Dani Johnson Show to keep adding to your success strategies! Tune in on your TV and radio and please remember you can always stream today’s show right here on our website.

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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