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Do You KNOW You Are “MORE”?!

When you KNOW you are MORE than your past...MORE than your circumstances...MORE than your failures...MORE than the limitations you put on yourself, you begin to live your life as though you ARE more!

I had a chance to experience something last Saturday night that totally shocked me. Something I NEVER imagined could happen to someone like me – with my background, my history, my past failures, my brokenness, my shortcomings.

And yet, my Father in heaven, who redeemed me, healed me and set me free, fulfilled a vision He has spoken over my life for more than two decades.

It all began when I spent some time in Honduras last week, joining the incredibly powerful team from 1Nation1Day, led by Dominic Russo. And, as we prepared to close out our time there, we experienced something truly remarkable…

I had the opportunity to speak at the Olympic Stadium in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Our message was broadcast to 18 other stadiums in Honduras, as well as, on hundreds of TV stations across Latin America, Spain and America.

Millions of people heard messages from influential people in Honduras, as well as the 1Nation1Day team and myself, as we all worked to inspire Hondurans to stand against domestic violence. Millions of people heard the message about the goodness, the love, the healing power and the redemption that flows directly from God.

It was such an honor and privilege to share the stage with this team and to spread the message of the “Yo Soy Mas” (I Am More) campaign by 1Nation1Day.

There is so much to share, but I want you to hear just a snippet of the message spoken Saturday night in front of these millions of people worldwide… because this message is NOT only for Honduras; this message is for you.

My friend, when you know YOU are MORE than your past, MORE than your circumstances, MORE than your failures, MORE than the limitations you (or others) have put on you, you begin to live your life as though you ARE more. You begin to live-up to the calling and destiny on your life.

So, my question for you today is, if you KNEW you were called to more, what would you do? How would you live your life? What does “more” look like to you? If you knew you were destined for a higher calling, how would your life play out differently than your current path? I can’t wait to read your comments below!

Then, be sure to tune in for my weekly Spiritual Equipping episode of The Dani Johnson Show today for more biblical insights and inspiration. You can find the show on your TV and radio and please remember you can always stream today’s show right here on our website. And, you can ALWAYS subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can keep up with all the new content being posted daily!

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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