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Do You Take Offense Or Take Responsibility?

Anything is possible! There is always a way, always a work-around. If you take offense every time something doesn’t work out, you'll never find the solution...but if you take responsibility, you maximize opportunity!

I have been studying people for over 2 decades…watching and paying attention to their words, their actions, their habits, what they respond to, what makes them tick.

As I have studied and analyzed people through the years, I have found certain characteristics all successful people have in common. (And there are some characteristics all unsuccessful people share, as well.)

One thing I’ve noticed, highly successful people have a very unusual way of dealing with issues arising in their lives. When something goes wrong, when something doesn’t go according to plan, when they make a mistake, they do not freak out! They do not get offended. They do not dig-in their heels and refuse to move forward. They do not quit.

They take personal responsibility.

In real life, things go wrong. It happens. It’s inevitable! Your prospects change their minds about getting involved with your business. Your client decides to take their business elsewhere. You lose your job. Taxes are raised and your paycheck gets smaller. You find out someone in your office is gossiping about you, behind your back. Your children get into trouble at school. You get into an argument with your spouse.

What is your response? How do you react? Do you get offended? Do you blame your prospects? Blame your clients? Your boss? The government? Your coworkers? Your kids? Your spouse?

Stop blaming other people! Stop getting offended! That is a very low level of leadership and maturity.

A highly-successful person knows taking offense does not help them succeed. It provides no opportunities for them. Highly successful people know taking offense actually severely limits their opportunities.

You see, when things go wrong, you have a choice to make. You can get your undies in a wad and throw a 2-year-old temper tantrum. Or you can choose to be a mature adult and take responsibility.

Taking responsibility means you do not wait for someone else to do something for you or to make things right. It means you take things into your own hands and make things happen.

I have to tell you, I truly believe anything is possible! There is always a way, always a work-around. But if you get offended and throw a fit every time something doesn’t work out, you will NEVER find the solution.

The bottom line is: if you take offense, you lose opportunity. If you take responsibility, you maximize opportunity. One keeps you stuck and the other positions you for massive growth.

So which one will you choose? Will you take offense or take responsibility?

I can’t wait to see what you do with this. As I have studied people over the years, I have seen many highly-successful people who follow this very simple, yet very effective, strategy. I believe you can be one of them. It’s so simple… all you have to do is follow directions! Please let me know how it works out on our social media pages.

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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