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Do You Want The “Status Quo”…Or MORE?!

Too many of us buy into a vision of how life SHOULD look and chase that idea relentlessly – never stopping once to think about what success means or looks like for YOU...but KNOWING there must be "more" to life!

I’m sure you’ve heard, “Success is a journey, not a destination” and definitely something you should take to heart. And one important stop along your journey should be to find out what success means for YOU. Many people follow textbook definitions society has sold them about what success should be or look like, until they actually stop and think, “Is this even what I want for MY life?!”

Everyone’s definition of success looks different! And maybe you’ve been on this journey and never once stopped to think about what success means or looks like for you… but you just KNOW there must be more to life. And that’s where today’s message comes in. Recently I spoke with Brad Harmsworth, one of our clients, on The Dani Johnson Show.

You see, at one point in his life Brad appeared to “have it all.” He had the nice car, a six-figure income, a great house, a secure high-power job – but he absolutely hated it. He had no hopes or dreams, just gotten divorced and planned to commit suicide, even figuring out the “how” and “when” – including a plan to deliver a suicide note to his family at Christmas.

Isn’t that heartbreaking? From the outside, his life looked amazingly successful, but on the inside, Brad had no purpose. “It was September of 2011 and my brother dragged me out to a First Steps To Success. My family had been going [to events] for maybe 6 months and I figured they’d joined some cult, you know? But I had nowhere else to go. I already knew I was going to be dead, so what was the worst that could happen?”

But Brad found an experience he never expected. For most of his life, he’d felt worthless and hopeless. Yet, somehow he connected with a group of people who accepted and believed in him!

Now, in the three-and-a-half years since, he has paid off $280K in debt, met and married the woman of his dreams and began to love his job! His job performance increased so much, he went from utter stagnation to promotions and raises… all from finding an actual purpose for his life and realizing the fancy cars and debt weren’t what he truly wanted from life.

Brad’s story does not differ from that of so many out there, chasing “The American Dream.” Too many of us buy into a vision of how our life should go and chase that idea relentlessly. But if you don’t want that life, it just leaves you feeling empty…. like it did for Brad.

Today, I want you to think about what success looks like for you. Instead of trying to adopt the appearance of success, begin to chase something you actually want. I hope Brad’s story inspired you today, like he inspires me every time I talk to him! Leave your comments for me below and please share this great story with your friends and family, who might be struggling to find “more” in life.

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In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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