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God Made You A CHAMPION…So Why Are You LOSING?!

What do champions look like? How do they act? How do they talk? How do they carry themselves? What is the mindset of a champion? Champions approach life very differently than MOST people do!

I’m going to get real with you right now. If you are not winning in your life – in your career, your finances, your relationships, your family – you are settling for losing. And that is so WRONG!

It might seem harsh, but you HAVE to understand how important this is. You were created to be a winner. You were put on this earth – in your job, in your family, in your community – to WIN. And if you’re currently losing, you’re not living up to the potential God, Himself, put inside you. If you’re losing, something’s not quite right.

So, let’s dig into a little bit of truth about winning.

What does a champion look like? How do they act? How do they talk? How do they carry themselves? What is the mindset of a champion?

If you want to WIN, you gotta learn to THINK like a winner! You must make winning thoughts and actions your own. Champions approach life very differently than most people do.


  • Push through, even when it’s hard.
  • Do not give in to their own excuses.
  • Know they have to invest the time and effort, to get the desired results.
  • Focus on beating their own records.
  • Play fair, pure and right.
  • Play as a team, not as individuals.

It is easy to walk in mediocrity. Too easy, in fact… it’s the easiest way out and why so many people do it! Champions do not take the easy way out. Why? Because champions knows if they take the easy way out, they’re not just letting themselves down… they’re letting down their entire team.

That’s what so many people don’t realize. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing – whether in your business or career, marriage, parenting, serving your community, or whatever you may do on a day-to-day basis – you are part of a team. You don’t just represent yourself, and you’re not just playing for yourself.

Your team is your family, your company, your church, your community. You represent your team when at home, at work or in your community. And guess who is ALSO on your team? God! You also represent HIM, wherever you go.

So tell me, how does someone who thinks like a champion and who knows they represent their team and their God, play the game?

A champion knows they were created to win. But they also know how they play the game is just as important.

So they play with honor and integrity. They are consistent – not just at the game, but in practice, too. Their have pure motives. They have the team’s best interest in mind. They play to win.

My question for you today: How are you playing the game? Do you play with integrity? Do you consider your team’s best interest? Are you playing to WIN?

My friend, it’s time to stop settling for losing. It’s time to stop thinking, walking, talking, acting like a loser. You are meant to win… and win BIG! It’s time to train like a champion.

That means no more excuses. No more quitting when things get hard. No more choosing the easy way out. It’s YOUR time to WIN!

I want to hear your thoughts today. Do you have a winning strategy? A game plan? How will you WIN your game? Please leave your comments below and tell me!

Then, be sure to tune in for our weekly Spiritual Equipping episode of The Dani Johnson Show today for more biblical insights and inspiration. You can find the show on your TV and radio and please remember you can always stream today’s show right here on our website.

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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