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Hate Your Job? You’re Not Alone…

Hating your job NEVER opens the vault to cannot wait for your work to GIVE you satisfaction; you must FIND satisfaction in your work! And, here's how to start...

When – if ever – did you last feel completely dissatisfied at work? Do you ever wake up thinking, “Ugh! I don’t want to go to work today! It’s soooo boring. I hate my boss. I can’t WAIT to get another job and FINALLY quit this one!”

You may not want to hear what I’m going to tell you today. But I promise, it will totally eliminate those thoughts and feelings of dissatisfaction at work by teaching you how to turn your boring, unfulfilling job into a satisfying and challenging job – including raises, bonuses and promotions!

Did you know, you actually have the ability to change your environment, without changing your physical location? How? Your environment starts in your mind. It radiates outward, straight from within your very being.

Hating your job NEVER opens the vault to blessings. It will, however, decrease your productivity. It opens doors to gossiping about your boss or wasting time on Facebook and surfing the web. If you hate your job, you will never become proficient, find shortcuts to increase company revenue or generally make you more valuable in the workplace.

Even worse… hating your job causes you to avoid your boss and other “top” people, who actually need to see your positive attitude, outstanding work, excellence and diligence.

What if you hate your job, but you can’t find another one? I’m sure this isn’t the first job you’ve hated… and I guarantee if you take another job, you’ll eventually hate that one, too. It doesn’t matter what the problem might be with your job… you must first prosper where you’re planted!

Bottom line: You cannot wait for your work to give you satisfaction; you must find satisfaction in your work.

When you hate your job or hate your boss, you complain about it. You become “that” person – you know, the one nobody wants to work with. You become the person who does “just enough” so you don’t get fired; and your boss pays you “just enough” so you don’t quit.

Have you ever diligently worked at something that was not your job? How did it feel to complete something with absolute excellence? You did the work, but it didn’t feel like work. Maybe you work with diligence and excellence as a parent. Maybe you volunteer in a retirement center. Or perhaps you are the “room parent” for your child’s class at school. Whatever it might be, you work diligently and get a deep satisfaction and confidence no one can take away from you.

So today, instead of having the “I hate my job. I don’t want to go to work today” attitude, focus on changing your work environment. (Remember, you start creating your environment in your own mind.) Don’t think of it as a job. You are a partner in the company. This is your business, not just a job. You are contributing to the company as an employee-preneur!

Give it your best and work with excellence, in everything your hands touch. I guarantee, when you change your mindset, your attitude will change and you will feel more satisfied. You will be more confident and people will want to work with you. Your boss will want to give you raises and promotions, and your whole work environment will change.

In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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