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How Many Balls Have You DROPPED While “Multi-Tasking”?!

Society so commonly accepts multi-tasking...but as you "listen" to someone talk, you STILL think about what you’re going to say next, the 15 things on your to-do list & what’s for dinner tonight – all at the same time!

Let’s kick this day into high-gear and discuss one major thing that can actually affect your career, your relationships and your overall happiness. It has the potential to position you for either massive success – or huge problems – depending on whether (or not) you master this single skill. So, I highly recommend applying the principles I’m about to share with you!

No matter who a person is, or what their personality type might be, every single human being on this earth wants to be heard. Nothing makes someone feel more honored and validated, than being heard. And by “heard,” I mean really listening to someone… not half-listening, while checking things off your “To-Do List.”

You’re probably saying, “Okay Dani, that’s great. But what does that have to do with my life and career?” Are you kidding me? It has EVERYTHING to do with EVERYTHING! It impacts your personal and professional relationships, your family, your finances, your business, your LIFE!

Think about that conversation you had with your spouse this morning, or your best friend, or even your coworker or boss. As they were talking, were you thinking about what your next statement would be? Were you thinking about what you have to do later today? Were you maybe just running through a list of things you felt were more important, than what that person had to say?

It’s really all about truly honoring people. You see, true leadership requires you to become genuinely interested in other people. It’s not about just being “nice” to people, so you can get what you want from them. (That’s manipulation and will NEVER lead to success.)

We are ALL guilty of this. Society so commonly accepts multi-tasking, it even splits your train of thought! As you “listen” to someone else talk, you STILL think about what you’re going to say next, the 15 things on your to-do list and what you’re going to cook for dinner tonight – all at the same time!

Truthfully, it is more work to NOT listen. When you don’t listen, you actually create problems. And it takes more energy and time to solve those problems. I once heard someone say something that really stuck with me, “I’m never too poor to ‘pay’ attention!” Time is just one of your many resources, along with money and talents.

So today, focus on truly listening to people. When others speak, give them your undivided attention. Clear your mind and really focus on what they say. Resist the urge to chime-in and give your opinion. You will be amazed by how much more you will hear! And you will begin to see more opportunities, more promotion and more harmony in your business, career and relationships.

Listening is obviously not a skill you pick up naturally… you must practice to master it. But can you imagine if you learned this skill as a child? Can you imagine if everyone in your school, office, family or community knew this skill? Wow! What a different culture this would be!

Become a wise steward of your time, by honoring what others have to say. You can also forward this link or post it on your social media! Let me know your thoughts on time as an asset and form of honor, so please connect with me on social media!

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In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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