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“I Had To Learn The Hard Way…But You DON’T!”

"I went from homeless to millionaire in 2 years – both making AND spending more. I focused on getting rich quick, but only got failure & pain...until I learned a simple law that changed my life & can change YOURS!"

Life is full of ups and downs and you never know when you might suddenly find yourself underwater. Instead of sinking or swimming, let’s talk about staying afloat… if you choose to learn from my mistakes.

See, during my first 10 years in business, we made a lot of money. Many called us rich, but we certainly didn’t feel rich (or how I thought rich would feel, anyway). I went from being homeless to being a millionaire in just two short years – and spent the money just as quickly. As I made more money, I spent more money.

My lifestyle grew with my income. I went from flying coach to first class… from McDonald’s to 5-star restaurants… from JCPenney and Ross to Nordstrom and Neiman-Marcus… from Motel 6 to the Waldorf Astoria Presidential Suite in Manhattan… from my little Hundai Excel GL to not one Mercedes-Benz, but TWO – one for me plus one the kids could ride in. I went from a small apartment to a $250,000 condo, filled with expensive furniture (in a gated community, of course). I spent everything I made.

And then one day, someone embezzled from me – for the second time. Ouch! I had lots of expensive stuff, and no money. I had $50,000 in overhead each month (with payroll and expenses), and no income.

I wish I could say I learned from this bad experience. Yeah, not so much! So Hans and I picked ourselves up and did it all over again, a few years later. This time, on a MUCH larger scale.

We had a $900,000 mortgage. We went from no car debt to $70,000 in car debt… from no credit card debt to $30,000. Now, you do the math… that’s $1 MILLION in debt!

Right after we spent a small fortune remodeling our third dream home, some horrible, horrible hard times hit – again. I was diagnosed with a heart condition on the same day Hans lost ALL of our savings in the stock market.

Long story short, my first decade of making money was all focused on getting rich quick, but I only got major financial failures, overwhelming pain and suffering, too much stuff, tons of debt and life-threatening stress.

That was all before I learned a simple financial law years ago that completely changed my finances and my life. It changed my family’s life. I have seen it change our clients’ lives.

The Law of Promotion: If you are faithful with what you are given, you will be given more. But those who are not faithful with the little they have, even the little they have will be taken away.

This is all a correction. Our government has not been faithful. Our citizens have not been faithful. So here comes the squeeze. America has over $16 TRILLION in debt and growing daily. Our people have accumulated massive debt. In the U.S., household debt rose from nearly zero in the 1950s to $13 trillion in 2012.

My friend, which side of this equation do YOU want to be on? If you’re on the wrong side, you gotta change!

It’s time to position yourself to receive, because you have been faithful with what you have. I do not want you to face the painful correction awaiting those who are not faithful… like I did! Millions are out of work and on food stamps. People everywhere hurt financially. Men, women and children feel the squeeze. Families are completely heartbroken because they have lost everything.

Up to now, you may not have been aware of this financial law, but now that you know, you can start following it TODAY. And I promise, so many blessings will shower down on you when you are faithful with the small things. I’ve experienced it and want you to experience it, as well.

Have you experienced financial correction or blessing? Are you being faithful with the small things? I’d love to know your thoughts about today’s message, so please leave me your comments below!

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In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

Get The Map