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Is Your Job CRUSHING Your Dreams?

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? But, as you GREW, your dreams SHRANK, until that huge career vision you once had is now reduced to a boring paper-pushing job. But, you CAN escape!

Have you ever felt like a wind-up toy? Do you wake up, do what’s required at work, come home and wait for the next day? You can easily get stuck in that monotonous routine – to a point where you feel brain-dead or just go through the motions.

As a child, what did you envision for your life? What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you want to put on your suit and tie and go to work like your father, or did you plan to get rich quick and retire early on a remote beach?

As you’ve grown, your dreams and goals have become smaller and smaller, until the huge career dreams you once had are now reduced to a boring paper-pushing job. Because boy, the economy is in a bad way and jobs are few and far between. And man, you’ve got student loans, a mortgage and all these other debts to pay off.

STOP… right there, you transformed your mindset into dead gray matter, no longer striving for success with no higher goals or visions!

Here’s how it happens… life changes constantly and you may have ended up at a job or career you didn’t plan. But how do you treat that job?

Look, if you’re just going through the motions, your boss knows it. Your coworkers know it. Even your customers and clients know it. They can smell it from a mile away. And sure, some of them might even be sporting a wind-up crank on their backs, as well. But that mentality is NOT going to help you reach your goals or obtain the career you’ve always wanted. It isn’t going to help you gain referrals or promotions to move up, or to move on to better things. It will keep you EXACTLY where you are.

I was homeless and started a business from my car and a pay phone booth… with a product that didn’t even work for me and I didn’t even LIKE – in fact, it was almost embarrassing. Do you think I envisioned that for myself? Do you think that was my endgame? Heck, no! But you have to be faithful with the little things. He who is faithful with the small things, will be made ruler over much.

Basically that means, if you take responsibility for what you have in front of you, you will be given more responsibility. If you are taking full advantage of your career opportunities now, you will earn more! And it starts with changing your mindset.

When you adopt this robot mentality, you limit yourself. You aren’t living and you aren’t dead. You’re not moving backward, but you certainly aren’t moving forward, either. You need to wake up! America needs to wake up! When you start putting 100% into everything you do, I guarantee you will see a change in your life. I guarantee you will see major growth in your life and your career opportunities.

Today, I just want to encourage you, because right now you may not be where you expected in life. Maybe you’re where I used to be, using what’s in front of you, just so you aren’t homeless. But you need to know that’s okay. If you’re always being faithful with what you’re given, you won’t get stuck!

Be sure to hit share and comment below, because I want to know you’re alive and kicking! We ALL need encouragement and a little push to keep moving forward. So send this to your coworkers and friends now!

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In great faith,

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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Your Journey To Freedom Starts Here

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